Being Present

The thing about being still is, it’s the most difficult thing to do. Haha.

Especially for us urban folks that just can’t stop moving, thinking and processing 24/7.

I tried taking a nap, the night before, even for a half an hour and my mind just couldn’t shut down.

I had ideas processing in the background and imaginations running wild in the front office. I literally had a throbbing on the right side of my head. No, it’s not a migraine or anything, I think it’s my brain running at full engine speed and my veins were about to pop. Ever felt that way ?

Being present, or still , is basically paying attention to exactly everything around you. Your environment. Paying true selfish attention to you.

Listening carefully to the lyrics playing on the mall internet radio, eavesdropping on what a teenager is telling her student guardians about how she and her parents live back home. She could’ve been a foreign exchange student, I thought.

Being here, is how you value the sensitivity of your palette. This happened to me when I was eating a Pinkberry frozen yoghurt. Haha.

I’ve never tasted yoghurt so smooth and sour before, in all it’s plain goodness.

I was at Westfield mall and I had a blast with my senses. I walked around with one goal set in mind. It’s to – Be Present.

Let me share with you on the tremendous Haddock fish and chips I had for lunch. I enjoyed the very kick of the malt vinegar. The crunchiness of the batter of the fish and it’s freshness. The sweet and sourness of the ketchup and I even had me some mushy peas.

I never paid attention to my food like that before.

I’ve always eaten because I wanted to satisfy my cravings, but now its a whole different experience.

I did my best to become completely attentive to sounds and taste and the busyness of people. And I’m glad to say I’ve succeeded. It was liberating.

Liberating only because I felt free from Mind, from Thoughts. The things that clog up my body and drain out my energy.

It’s actually quite blissful being still and from all the jazz I have to deal with at the moment, I think it’s time my mind took a short but needed break and I think You, need it too.

Being Present is

1. Being still

2. Paying close attention to your environment and what’s right in front of you.

3. Listening to your breathing and being aware of the flow of your inhalation and exhalation.

4. To focus on the Now, and ignore past and future thoughts. Time should be set aside as non existent, just for this brief moment of quiet.

5. Keep your Mind’s background voice at bay. Allow it to be silent.

6. Looking at the micros of objects like color, texture and shape.

7. Scaling and scanning vertically and horizontally the view around you.

8. Being conscious of every aspect of movement and physique.

9. Appreciating the simplicity of things. Like a child’s laughter or an elderly’s embrace. Even on how beautiful paper can be. Especially the embossed kind.

10. You have to be aware of Self and your external projections, ensuring it’s equal to your inner reflections. Always.

Tell us how you fair with this experiment. We love to hear from you.

For now…..

Live a Life You Love.”

– LM

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