3 Simple Principles Of Life That Can Change Everything

This article has been re-edited and re-titled from an older post from our main blog site but I think it’s good to remind ourselves again and again that the simplest things can really make a huge difference in our day and in ourselves.

Here we go !

image: Annie Spratt

1. Have No Fear

What does this actually mean? Having no fear doesn’t warrant you to be rude, rebellious or arrogant. What it truly means is, you have to be brave enough to understand yourself, know who you are, be proud of your talents, abilities and specialities and not be apologetic for being YOU.

A lot of people have this fear of letting other people know who they truly are on the inside. My advice is, if you already know that you are good, kind, loving, understanding, hardworking and beautiful person inside, why should you be afraid of what other people think? I mean if you’re evil and scheming, then maybe you should do the right thing and correct your mindset and values and you’ll be on your way to the path of Light. Don’t harbor cancerous attitudes and negative characteristics. These will only bring you and others pain.


2. Ask Until It Hurts

In all matters, whether at work or at school, we are always afraid of asking. Why do you think we’re afraid of asking, you think ?

We fear rejection, ridicule and disappointment. If only we could set these fears aside knowing that we can not change what can not be controlled, we would learn how to accept the inevitable and be at peace with what answers that we so fear.

Asking for help, opinion, ideas or knowledge is what separates us from moving forward. People who do a lot of asking, will usually be in the forefront and at least two steps ahead of their peers. They are the ones who volunteer in a project that no one dares to spearhead,  they are the ones that put up their hands if they didn’t understand what was explained and request for a more specific and detailed explanation only to curb their need to understand the discipline properly. They are the ones that most “people” are annoyed with or have so little patience for but get this, they are the ones that make it to the top, the ones that took a little more time to appreciate a full view of the concept.


It’s all a part of learning and living a full and abundant life.

3. Giving the Best Of Yourself

I know it may be tiring, it may be taxing and your soul is all used up of positive energy to give your all but hey it’s only the start of the day. Are you giving up already?

How not to be low in energy is quite simply;

image: Brooke Lark
  • Eat the right foods. Especially, knowing what you should or should not eat before bed. It’s best (not like I’m religiously following this rule) HAha… to not eat at least two hours before and if you really have to, replenish your body with liquids that won’t make you stay up all night. Find out what your body needs. Understand which foods are nourishing for nutrient replenishment. I’m no expert and I too struggle with this, only because it takes some reading and educating yourself from books or maybe a nutritionist friend.
image : Gregory Pappas
  • Sleep right.A good rest the night before will naturally pump you up for the next day. Don’t sleep too little or too much. Your body already knows how much rest you need, all you have to do is listen to it. Pay attention to signs and patterns your body gives.
  • Prepare way before hand. Prep what you have to wear the next morning, the night before. Put your keys, purse, lip gloss, tissue packet, facial blotter, umbrella and bottled water in the work bag you planned out to match your outfit. Get all the documents you need urgently filed, your power bank and cord ready in that laptop bag of yours, just so you don’t need to rush like a mad house the next morning. You may wake up a little late and won’t you feel so much more ready to fight through that icky late feeling when all your stuff is ready to roll out. Grab and go.
  • Listen to productive content or feel good songs. If you’re a musical person, then pick a playlist to get your engine happily started in the morning with kickstart tunes. If you’re more of the #likeaboss type then maybe subscribing to good channels on Youtube. Getting a spoonful of motivation whilst you’re getting ready to go to work might just boost your day. My personal favourite Youtube channels this month is Marie Tv by Marie Forleo and Lavendaire by Aileen Xu.
image: Mohammad Metri
  • Dress to thrill your senses. Unless you have a uniform based job (which maybe you should change and requisite a new set if your uniform is fading and old looking), dressing up can be a chore or can be a score. Feeling good and confident with what you’re wearing always has a positive impact on your start of the day. The feel good factor is so important to get your energies up and blooming. A new set of uniform will boost your confidence and you’ll come out of the house with a fresh new outlook, excited like it’s your first day at work. Don’t be lazy to ask your management for a change of uniform and if they say you can’t, point out to your management on how poorly looking you would look in a dingy and faded looking uniform. Explain how it may give a negative perspective to clients, customers, patients, parents or potential clientele. When you’re comfortable and happy with what you’re wearing, your whole day will be nice and cosy, and confidence will naturally exude. You’ll shine quite effortlessly. If office wear or work wear is what you put on everyday , then make sure it’s something you’re comfortable to wear for the whole day, happy with and confident in.
image : Roland Hechano
  • Fully participate in whatever that you’re tasked to do or plan to endeavour. If you put in all your good effort (not asking you to do any extras here), and give your fair share of the work, the battle is almost won. Be involved. Listen and tune in to what’s being said. Be a team player and contribute what you can. Have a voice in the sea of ideas. Work together harmoniously when achieving a task. Be it in a restaurant, at the office, in a hospital, in class, at home, with family and friends or with like minded strangers. Fully participate in your life, in your day. You can manage how it turns out to be as far as humanly possible.

We hope you’ve got some golden nuggets on how a few basic key principles can get you the most out of your day and out of life itself. It’s clear that if you eat right, sleep right, prepare ahead, listen to good content and dress to thrill your senses, you’re basically half way there to getting a good vibe going for you.

We learned about :

1. Having no fear ~ Loving and trusting yourself

2. Asking till it hurts ~ Understand what you need to understand, be curious, gain useful knowledge

3. Giving the best of yourself ~ Designing a life that you can easily manage can allow you to get the best out of it.

Remember, small actions create a ripple effect and may garner the most unexpected results. Who knows, a colleague might notice your efforts and give you props for it, the management might recognise your leadership skills that leads you to a promotion and a loved one might even feel touched by your gestures of care that they show you their appreciation.

Don’t expect to be thanked but expect yourself to be content with what you give out or don’t do it at all. Gratitude for what you have and what you’ve done are clear signs that you did it sincerely with your heart. And whatever happens, happens. You’ll be amazed what energies you attract and what opportunities that could turn up.

Have a great Thursday folks ! The weekend is almost here.

Live a Life you Love.


  • This article was re-edited and retitled from an article titled ” The Secret To A Successful Day” from livingbyleoni.com , the mother blog site of this blog.

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