5 Powerful Daily Affirmations for Each Area of Your Life

The Mind is a beautiful and brilliantly engineered specimen that we tend to underestimate. Published in 2009, studies by the Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shows that the 10% myth of the usage of our brain has been debunked. The percentage of how much our brain is used actually varies from person to person. So that empowers us on how we’d like to fully utilize our brain. Now that we know there’s no limit to what we can do with it, we must first understand that to keep it at its peak performance, we must maintain not only a good healthy body but also a good and healthy mind.

image: Ian Stauffer

One that sticks out to me, which is not only important but essential to the healthy development of our minds and our well being are the scripts we say to ourselves.


Yes, self-talk.

The words we use to communicate to others also relay the words we use with ourselves. And if it’s been toxic and pathetically saddening, that pity party and limiting belief mindset should pack its bags and move out of town.

Though there are a few apps that can help us subliminally tune into our subconscious and encode some of these affirmations into our mind, let’s do it the old school way by just writing it down somewhere we can actually see and read. Here are some affirmations that you can say to yourself on the daily. The ones in bold are my favorites.

Here we go!

Love & Relationships:

  • I am a loving and positive energy
  • I am in a loving and supportive relationship
  • I have love in abundance and I get it from everywhere and everyone
  • I am blessed as I am surrounded by loving family and friends
  • I am loved, loving and lovable


  • I am experiencing the best time of my life, always
  • I am the best version of myself and always strive to be the best every day
  • I respect myself, love myself unconditionally and I am deserving of anything I want
  • I have the freedom and power to design a life I desire
  • I am in control of what I project as my intentions are always kind and thoughtful


  • I am happy to be alive and I find joy and pleasure everyday
  • I get happiness everywhere I go
  • Happiness comes easy for me and I am blessed
  • I am deeply fulfilled and living my purpose
  • Good things are always happening to me


  • I attract opportunities that allows me to create more money
  • I manifest wealth and prosperity effortlessly
  • I am receptive to all wealth life offers me
  • Money and spirituality can co-exist with harmony
  • I am extremely smart with my money


  • My mind is healthy, calm and at peace
  • I make smart eating choices that keep me at the pink of health
  • I am healthier and stronger everyday
  • I have vitality and am full of energy
  • I value my body and take care of it by listening to its signals

Our mind is so powerful and beautiful, that what we can do with it is limitless. Be consistent with all your affirmations and together with hard work it will eventually manifest into everything you want to make happen. Remember it’s not just thinking and believing, it’s also in the doing.


Here are some places you can put these affirmations where you can see them.

Kitchen – On the fridge, write down in bold and stick it on with a magnet.

Bedroom – Frame it up by your bedside table or place it in a current book you’re reading.

Bathroom – Stick on the mirror so you’ll read it when you’re getting ready.

Living room – You can be creative and make art out of it, blow it up big and hang it on your wall or at the entrance of your door.

Journal – Put it as an entry or on a page specifically meant for daily affirmations.

Self – In your wallet or purse, slip it in there and make sure that when you’re commuting or about to drive, pause for awhile and read this to yourself.

Digital Devices – On your phone or laptop, create a wallpaper out of all these affirmations, change it from time to time so you won’t get bored. Remember to make it strikingly attractive so that you’d want to look at it. You can also use it as a screensaver.

image: Prateek Katyal

Place it wherever you feel that you spend time the most at. Even if it’s on your toilet HAha. I don’t know, you figure it out.

There are a few more tips before I end this one. When you’re reading these affirmations you have to do three things.

Before you start,

1. Focus on your breathing rhythm ( this rhythmic tempo induces you into a light trance and demands you to focus)


2. Say it out. You can say it quietly but you MUST say it out, as long as it’s loud enough for you to hear. So a whisper is ok.


3. Say it with conviction. If you don’t believe it like its real then there’s no point going further. Say it like you mean it.


Alright, there you go. A good start for a new week coming up. You can start now, tomorrow morning or on Monday. It’s up to you. I pray all the best for you and hope that good things happen for you and that you’ll able to manifest everything you’ve ever wanted.

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Stay safe and stay happy!

Live a life you truly love.


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