5 Qualities of Success People

No it’s not magic and definitely not served to you on a golden platter. Getting to this level of success takes months of planning, a couple of years of experimenting and building a foundation, 5 years of failure and mistakes and a decade of growth and adjustments.

If you were born into a family or environment that exemplifies all these values then good for you. You have a head start. But if you weren’t, did you ever wonder if you have what it takes to be successful ? Here’s 5 Qualities of Successful People you can check out.

1. Humility while Working Hard

image: Bruce Mars

They didn’t get to the pinnacle of their success by sitting around and wishing or wondering what could have been. They are the hardest working line up I’ve ever seen. They accept that they do make mistakes and they’re willing to learn from them and make improvements. They plan, they experiment, they take feedback and they execute the plan. While there are some who rule with an iron fist and disregard basic courtesy, most of the best in the business are actually extremely low profile and the humblest lot you’ll ever find. I’ve had my fair share of speaking to some CEO’s and even Sultans of states that have shown a humility and kindness that is truly unexpected. They gain the respect from everyone around them by being humble and kind. They promote harmony at the workplace and they still get things done. There’s this sense of awareness of who are around them and the people who help them get through their day. Their secretaries, the waiter who waits on their drinks, the people who do the back end work for the company and even supportive family members and friends. Humility and hard work goes hand in hand.

2. Networking and Mixing with Outside of your Own Circles

image: Hivan Arvizu

Be it in whatever network you’re involved in, networking really ties you in with people from all walks of life and connects you to more opportunities than you can imagine. You are not an island and you need to acknowledge the fact that you need people to run a business, to strengthen rapport and to move forward. The more exposure, the more you learn and the more you can capture the essence of learning through everybody’s eyes. Identify who you’ll like to link up with and work on that relationship. Choose who you’d like to connect with so that the genuineness of that relationship will come through in all your transactions.

Mixing with people outside of your own circle of friends puts you in an advantage. You gain different perspectives, the opinions are more open and unbiased and you learn new things and habits from good examples of other people who’s more experienced.

It’s not that we’re suggesting that you leave your circle of friends (but if they bring you no good, then please do) . We’re saying gather as much experience from various types of people. There’s so much to know and learn out there that to remain within your circle will not allow you to grow spiritually and intellectually. Open your mind to new points of view from new acquaintances while maintaining good relations with your present circle of friends.

3. Learn from Failure

image : Estee Janssens

Take it from Thomas Edison ” I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Plain and simple. Failure is part and parcel of personal growth and the expansion of the mind. Don’t discount the mistakes. They are what makes you wise. But you must learn from them. If you don’t, then your crash and burns are just a waste of a learning experience. All mistakes and failures are what makes you stronger and better in what you do.

Jack Ma is one individual whose rags to riches story really resonates in all of us just trying to make it out there in the big scary world of business. There’s a saying that goes,

Failure is the Mother of Success.

Chinese Proverb

This somewhat topsy turvy looking metaphor speaks a lot of truth. Experience failure because it’s what makes you understand how to endeavour for success. Don’t seek out to fail, that’s not what we’re saying. Seek out to succeed and embrace the lessons that come with it. It’s the right of passage to Success.

4. Absorb as much useful Knowledge

image: Clay Banks

The World is your oyster so soak up the opportunities that lay before you. Information is everywhere. Open your eyes, your ears and your mind. The Internet, is one huge infinite resource of information. Google, the father of all search engines. People, whether friends, strangers or acquaintances, carry stories of every experience that you can think of. Ask them, talk. Find out. Filter out the white noise and recognise the pearls of conversations. Books and all forms of reading material are also widely available at your disposal.

Don’t bother about small talk and things that don’t really matter. Discuss about life, about the way the mind works, about love experiences or how to start a business. Talk about how to improve something, catch up about good old times, solve mysteries together. There’s just so much that you could use to link up the dots.

image : Mimi Thian

Do you realize how conversations start about someone’s cat and then it led to discussing about racial discrimination? Like how did that happen right? Or… you were reminiscing about your childhood to a friend and then it leads up to a reflection of your current life and why it seems like a repetition of a toxic and awful past. Or talking about a bad relationship and the conversation motivated us to go for a makeover that could change our lives. It’s amazing when you get to experience all this life changing moments just through discussing, chatting and sharing. It’s all knowledge that comes with realisation.

So many things are spoken each day, for hours and hours. We watch a lot of things on our phones and tv. We hear a lot of stuff going on being discussed and talked about. Life is experienced every second. You learn from everywhere possible. What you watch online, the programmes you subscribe to, books and people. Just choose useful knowledge and avoid the gossip, unproductive discussions and repetitive complaining non stop. Know the difference.

So listen. Listen out for information. Upload it into your head. Learn from other people and learn from people who are willing to teach or share that information.

Useful knowledge sometimes doesn’t come easy so don’t take it for granted too. Always show your appreciation to anyone who helps you out or was willing to share the “secret” of finance, love, health or life. Don’t be a worm that sucks up everyone’s energy. Don’t be that person who only befriends someone because they want to pick a person’s brain and then exploit it and claim that knowledge to be theirs. Be thankful and always show respect to the one who gave you the heads up. It’s the only respectable thing to do.

5. Application – It’s all in the Doing

image: Annie Spratt

Got the knowledge? Now let’s apply it. It’s quite a waste of time, effort and money if it’s just going to be a thought process in your head.

I must say that I’ve not yet mastered this process yet but I’m definitely getting there. I’m practicing applying what I learn everyday.

Though it is tough to apply everything that you learn in finance if you don’t have a start up capital to play around with for instance. You can only do so much with what you have and your present capabilities. But don’t worry too much about this, you just have to keep yourself in check all the time. Whenever it comes up, access that part of your memory and just do it on the spot.

Afraid that you’ll forget? Read up regularly on what it is that you fear forgetting so that you’re always updated and do a follow up on your own knowledge.

The easiest way to execute this seamlessly is to apply it immediately after you’ve learned it. If it’s about fitness, plan out your meals or schedule your workouts now. If you’re trying a new habit like journaling for instance, find a book today and get to writing your first entry. If it’s going to be just a floating idea in your mind, you won’t be able to get a move on things.

It’s all in the doing.

There you have it, 5 qualities that successful people possess. I hope that you were able to find some parts of it familiar to your own qualities. And bear in mind that there are plenty more qualities out there that contributes to being successful, not just these.

So here are two sayings that I’d like to leave you with.

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

John C. Maxwell


Without labour, nothing prospers.


Figure out what you can do in order to gain or understand certain life philosophies that work for you. These qualities are developed and redeveloped through the years. So take everything in good stride and work your way to being successful, in whatever you define “Success” to be.

image : Dani Hart

With good and clear intentions along with all these qualities, you’ll get to where you want to be in due time.

That’s it from me. If you’d like to read inspirational quotes, get motivated or share your thoughts and ideas, do head down to our instagram account @simplelifedaily and do check out our online store @thesimplelife.store !

Stay safe and stay sane !


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