How do you define Success?

Does money and wealth determine your success? Well, it all depends on the individual doesn’t it? What may be treasure to you is trash to me and vice versa, right. So what is it?

Have you ever given it much thought?

image: Jeremy Beadle

For as long as we’ve lived and since models, magazines and “Selling” a lifestyle has been around, we have been brainwashed into believing that Money equals Success. That wealth is what you need to have in order to make your mark in life. Is that really true?

Have you heard of this story where the city dweller goes to the countryside and meets a fisherman? I don’t know it word to word but it goes something like this.

image: Fredrik Ohlande

Well, this fisherman was fishing one day and a city dweller comes to visit and asks him if he wants to be free, successful and happy. He says that in the city, you can get a job and earn lots of money and be successful and happy.

The fisherman gives it a try and goes to work in the city. He has to wake up early, get on commute and go to his “job” (that he doesn’t even like) and then repeats this process again and again. He earns money and then gets into debt. Buying a house that is too big for him, a car and things that are not necessities. He had to take up loans just to keep up with this new kind of life. He eventually quit, gave up everything and went back to the countryside. The city dweller asks him ” Why did you quit? You were on your way to be successful.” The fisherman replied, ” I am already successful. I have a home big enough for my family in the country, I don’t have any debts or loans there. I have my own land, I eat what I need. I wake up grateful and happy, peaceful and blessed. Your kind of life is not for me”

So you see folks, ” Success” is very subjective. The definition of success ultimately depends on You. Yes, the beautiful and awesomely cool YOU.

For me personally, wealth does not define my success. I believe that as long as we get to live the way we want to live our life, peacefully, happily whilst achieving that state of accomplishment, content and abundance, that to me, is Success.

We don’t need to be a scientist or medical genius to contribute to life. We don’t have to be a famous singer or an internet mogul to know that we’ve made a difference to mankind. Do small things sincerely and happily. Be intentional and grateful. You will be blessed for everything you do with heart. Believe me. I have seen it for myself and lived it too.

I have a beautiful home, enough to eat. I get to travel. A partner who shares my passions and accepts me for who I am. I have a loving family and awesome friends. I have a job that I love. I have people who love and care for me. I get to do what I love to do everyday of my life. I get to be of service to mankind in the meetup groups that I manage for mental health. Opportunities are everywhere I look. I get to love people that mean a lot to me. I have enough to sustain me financially. I feel accomplished and I am moving forward in life. What more can I ask for. I love my life.

What part of your life that you feel is of service to mankind and what do you get to do everyday that expands and fulfills your life?

So go and find out. Sit somewhere, ponder, meditate on it, pray and ask for guidance. Write it out, do a vlog and journal to see what you write about that makes you happy. Ask this question. What does Success mean to You?

Once you’ve answered that, you’ll know what to aim for.

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The Weekend is almost here woohOO!

Love and Peace,


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