Sunscreen: 50 Words of Wisdom You can Use Immediately

What began as an essay about a hypothetical commencement speech by columnist Mary Schmich, led to it’s virality via email that later on Director and Producer Baz Luhrmann would make into a 1999 hit on his take of the modern ” Romeo and Juliet ” movie.

Inspired by Baz’s spoken word song ” Everybody’s Free (to wear Sunscreen)” This piece are some words of advice from the SimpleLife’s archive. Read slow and swallow with a glass of milk. Here’s our version of Sunscreen. Ready, Go!

image: National Cancer Institute
  1. Simplify your life.
  2. Happiness is an emotion not a destination.
  3. People’s perception of you is none of your business. ~ Lisa Nichols
  4. Success is determined on how fulfilled you are in your life.
  5. Love has different definitions for different people.
  6. Communication should be tailored and customised to the people you intend to speak to. So you’ll be understood.
  7. Everyone has a different thought process so look at it subjectively and objectively.
  8. If you’ve done your best, let God do the rest.
  9. Hard work reflects in your accomplishments.
  10. Don’t take everything too personally. It’s only feedback. Chill.
  11. Your methods may differ from others and that’s ok. So don’t discount other people’s methods too. It might work better.
  12. Have an open mind but take precautions too.
  13. If you’re going to take a risk, know the consequences and expected loss.
  14. When doing something altruistic or selfless for others , don’t expect reward or recognition.
  15. Make friends, not enemies. But if you acquire them through no fault of your own, it’s ok. Everyone has them anyway.
  16. Don’t take everything at face value without investigation and research.
  17. Be authentic, sincere and practise integrity.
  18. Check your intentions. Always.
  19. The extravagant lifestyle is not for everyone.
  20. What legacy would you like to leave behind? If you know what it is, write it in a diary or a will.
  21. If you have no morals, it’s advisable to get them. If not, I can’t make you see why it is necessary.
  22. If you have no conscience, look deeper within yourself or talk to God.
  23. If you don’t believe in a God, no one else can make you believe otherwise, except yourself.
  24. There will come a time where someone says doing the wrong thing is ok, well heads up, that’s not a human being talking. IT’S SOMETHING ELSE.. RUN.
  25. Not too many people who will love you immensely in that special way. Someone who would go over and beyond for you, so stick to them if they light up your life with their loyalty and unconditional love. It’s rare and most probably the next person won’t be able to give you the exact same feeling. But of course you must feel the same way too about them, duh. If not, it’s pointless dedication.
  26. In an argument that you can’t convince them on something logical, just breathe.
  27. If you can’t cool yourself down because it’s too ridiculous, opt to talk a walk and leave the premise.
  28. If you can’t leave the premise at that moment of frustration, just nod and let it go. It’s not worth it. They will know and people will know that you are the wiser one. They just do.
  29. Having the last say doesn’t mean you’re right. Neither is winning a fight. It’s not a competition.
  30. Simplify your life by making things that seem complicated, simple. Like “Where to eat?” or ” Should I stay with this abusive opportunistic narcissist?” Simple decision right?
  31. Listen to music that inspires you, calms you, makes your space serene, excites you, motivates and makes you move and lifts you up.
  32. Sad songs are for breakups or reminiscing. Oh by the way, it’s ok to cry and grief. But don’t take too long. Or you’ll go partially deaf like me.
  33. Pets are the best friend that listens attentively and silently comforts you in a way a human can’t.
  34. On that note, human connection is always the better way to find resolve and relief.
  35. Be friends with technology but just don’t be obsessed about it cos then you’ll end up having a relationship with your phone not your partner.
  36. Upgrade yourself with technology but keep the analogs around, just in case. You can’t predict what will crash and get loss with data.
  37. Learn how to trust the right people but don’t be too dependant on them either.
  38. Be organised enough to know how to be responsible and disciplined.
  39. At the same time, be flexible and relaxed enough that you can adapt and get along with people. You are not an island.
  40. Don’t do too much of anything. This involves obsessing over people or drinking aloe vera.
  41. Everyone is “Crazy” to a certain degree. It’s just that we haven’t met our triggers. So be careful. Check yourself.
  42. Don’t judge people by their occupation, looks, background and status. If they’re an asshole, they’ll prove it to you by their actions. No one can escape this.
  43. If you become rich, don’t forget those in need.
  44. If you’re a person in need, you have the choice and the power to get out of your situation. Millions have done so, so the probability that you can too is extremely high.
  45. You’re not stupid, you just need to make better choices, learn to prioritise and work hard. That’s all.
  46. Be with nature to get back the balance in your energy.
  47. If you have kids or younger siblings, do your best to be a good example for them. But if you can’t, don’t worry about it. That was based on best effort basis anyway.
  48. You can commit 100% to someone or something (passion) but don’t devote yourself to anything or anyone except to God. If you don’t believe in a God, refer to no. 23.
  49. Manage yourself before someone manages you.
  50. Live a fulfilling and abundant life to truly live a life that you love.

Honestly, there are still like a thousand things that I’m sure you could add on too. Speak to some Centurians or Octogenerians to find out what life lessons they wish to pass on before they leave for the next life. You’ll be surprised on what words of wisdom they have to share.

Absorb as much useful knowledge as you can in your human life. The learning is in the application. Experience and appreciate. Love and communicate.

image: Frank Mckenna

That’s it from me. If you’d like to read inspirational quotes, get motivated or share your thoughts and ideas, do head down to our instagram account @simplelifedaily and do check out our online store !

Aloevera You 🙂


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