5 Things You Can Do On A Rainy Day

I hope you have a brolly in your bag cos it’s been raining cats and dogs the last couple of weeks. The monsoon is here people and there’s something we can do about it. When life gives you torrential rain, you make the best of it. Here’s some rainy day routines that will cheer you up when the clouds are grey.

1. Do you hear me Smoring ?

image: Andrea Davis

It’s cold and wet and there’s no sign of camping out anytime soon. So make yourself useful and cook up some smores. Only thing you need is a microwave. And if a conventional or toaster oven is what you have, just adjust accordingly.

Ingredients ( 5 mins prep time )

Directions (Microwave)

  1. On paper towel place 1 cracker square.
  2. Top with chocolate and marshmallow.
  3. Micro on high 15 seconds or until marshmallow puffs.
  4. Remove from oven and cover with other cracker.
  5. Eat like a sandwich.

Oven: Preheat at 400 degrees F and bake until marshmallows are puffed for 3-5mins

Recipe source: food.com

2. Rainy Reads

Though non-fiction books are not my thing, I think this selection of thriller and dark futuristic stack of books might just change my mind.

The gang at “Epic Reads” has it all figured out for us. Thank you!!!

image: Luca Dugaro

Click the link below and check it out:
12 best Rainy Days Books You Should Be Reading on a Stormy Fall Night

3. Parked Car Movie Marathon

Ok this is my favorite thing to do when I had my car. My boyfriend (at that time) and I would spend crazy stormy nights cosying up with my iBook and a selection of epic films to watch. We’d pack a bag of goodies like chips and maybe some take-out and binge watch awesome films in the car. Once in a while, we’d put our hand out in the rain to wash our fingers cos of all the KFC we ate. Fun times.

image: Ben Maguire

Some films I recommend when it’s raining:

Romantic – A Walk in the Clouds , Vanilla Sky, Wicker Park, Sweet November

Foreign films – Like Water for Chocolate , Malena, Y Tu Mama Tambien (all Rated R)

Futuristic – The Giver , Equals , Passengers , Interstellar

Documentary / Drama / Adventure – Into the Wild , Wild (Reese Witherspoon) , 127 Hours

Nostalgia and Period Films – The Goonies, Apocalypto , Gangs of New York, Kingdom of Heaven, The Pianist.

4. Get A Massage

If you can get one at home via your in-home massage chair or a really awesome family member or spouse then get it done! This is the best time to fall asleep in the chair while it makes moves on you. Not too bad too if you’d like to spice up things in the bedroom too huh… (nudge nudge). If you don’t have these available ( kind human or magic chair ) then head on over to a massage place but remember to call ahead and place your booking or you might just get disappointed. You’re not the only who thought of this ya know. HAha.

image: Vulcan Post (the Ogawa chair)

Here’s an add on tip, burn some aromatherapy oil or an air purifier and then chill out with some lo-fi beats or a spa album . You can find it on Spotify or any Youtube channel that has it. Enjoy the deep and restful slumber, my friend.

5. Organize Your Pantry

This will appeal to those who gets a high when they see something organized and neat (like me). How I wish I had a bigger pantry and fridge just so I can make it look like a store (dream…please come true some day). It’s time for you to go through your shelves, pantry and fridge and get rid of anything outdated and expired. Clean out the gunk and funk and make way for fresh food and space for your cereal box. It’ll only take an hour or less.

image: Annie Spratt

Things you’ll need :

  • grime and stain cleaner
  • antiseptic wipes or spray
  • wash cloths or old t-shirts / clothes that you can clean grime with
  • clear containers, in different sizes according to your space for organizing your pantry and fridge ( deep and tall containers and shallow lengthy ones)
  • a labeler (electronic or stickies)
  • a huge trash bag or bags to throw out stuff in
  • extra bottles and jars to reorganize and combine your drystores and other products into one
image: The Kitchn.com

Who says the rain can’t be fun. You just need some imagination and maybe some tips here and there to enjoy the sweater weather.

image: Gabriel Santiago

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Live a Full and Abundant Life Y’all !


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