The 2021 Mindset: Rain or Shine?

2020 has been a terrifying, enlightening and challenging year for all of us. The rich, the poor and the middle class, everyone everywhere is affected in one way or another. The next 5 years will be a new norm at how we operate and earn money in the World. So let’s take a predictive look on what’s out and coming in 2021. How can we survive?

Currently, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recorded an astounding 1 million deaths worldwide, this past year. Leading the highest amount of deaths per capita would be the United States followed by Brazil, India, Mexico, UK and Italy . Singapore ranks at 57 out of 216 countries with a death toll of 27 deaths. And it has been quite a steady number since May this year * information as at 6th October 2020. Source :

Based on all these predictions, what are some things we should look out for in the next few years? Standby.


I know you’re just itching to get the hell out of here! Unfortunately my friends, IATA has projected that we won’t be seeing the clear blue waters of the Maldives or bask in the untouched beaches of rural thailand anytime soon. 2024 is the expected year of going back to pre-covid efficiency, one year later than the earlier projected number.

What you can do:

Tis the time to get to know your region. It’s time to go beyond your local supermarket and see what there is yet to explore. And for those who live on a tiny little island like moi… well, get to know your island. Find out about local residential haunts, cross over that safe zone of Yishun and learn how to find new ways to enjoy your little red dot like a true blue local. Book a walking tour with your friends. Try all the attractions. Ask yourself on what can you do on one tank of gas? How far can you go round island on a bike? Top up your Ez link and go on a Singapore local tour on a public bus for a day and vlog about it!

image: David Kubovsky


According to the New York Times, Allan Rappeport writes that the IMF has predicted a deeper economic downturn in these next few years as business struggle during this turbulent times. This is the hardest the World has been hit since the Great Depression.

Retail and restaurant businesses are suffering a tug and pull with keeping up with monthly earnings compared to overheads. Because as much as you have people wanting to go out and have dinner with a spouse or a fun day out with friends, you also have people who are eating more at home and refusing to spend unnecessarily. There are good days and there are bad.

image: Thyla Jane

Property has remained at a stand still with prices plateauing or plummeting (depending on the asset) but it’s a gold mine for those with money to down, preparing for retirement in the next 10 years through earning from rental in the not too distant future. It’s time to buy a good location condo if you can for your future’s sake. has more in detail on where we’re heading to in the different property types and sectors that might be affected.

image: K-Z McXiDsZoUSQ

Ecommerce businesses are looking to boom in the next 5 years as consumer behaviour is favoring the online way to shop and interact in the comforts of their homes and offices. Though there might be some setbacks which I am not qualified to discuss about, the on-the-surface observations for ecommerce are looking pretty good.

Southeast Asia’s online sector is expected to hit US$300 billion by 2025, while e-commerce sector was projected to be worth US$150 billion by 2025. 

The study reported US$600 billion in online payments last year, while gross transactions were projected to exceed US$1 trillion by 2025. 

writes Emir Hrnjic of Channel News Asia – Commentary : E-commerce is set to boom, driven by COVID-19

image: Bench Accounting

Sarah Davis and Lauren Toney of ROIrevolution will make this prediction crystal clear for the solopreneur or newbie ecommerce start-up. We have to realize the impact the small “uncle auntie” family store has got to brace for, being a traditional business. Even the mega retailers are facing the music with having to close down some outlets and retrench a great pool of staff or reassign them. This is the apt time for digital marketers to swoop in and be opportunistic with this loophole. Finding ways to help businesses both online and traditional. Providing them services that can bring up their sales and widen reach during this crisis.

Job vacancies, though not in shortage, has seen a huge discrepancy in accepting more senior and experienced people during their selection for interview. I myself am not exempt from this social issue. So many resumes has been sent out to companies but due to being overqualified for small task jobs like cafe crew or front desk staff – companies, brands and retailers are afraid to hire experienced crew especially so people who have had supervisory roles. Saving the time for interviews from those who might have a high asking price for pay. I think everyone should be given an opportunity or at least an email reply for what to expect. It’s only fair. Brands and businesses, please work on that. Work with the community not against. Everyone needs help now.

What you can do:

Strengthen your business by changing or upgrading your brick-and-mortar methods of doing business. Digital is the way to go and it’s the future. Ask, learn and find out from anyone who knows. Youtube has been a great teacher for many start-ups and lost sheep out there.

It’s time to figure out your finances, call in your advisor and plan out your next ten years with your partner. Look at where you can earn from property or any high income skills. Renting may or may not help you whether you’re a landlord or a tenant. It’s very subjective as it differs from case to case. So ask an expert or your real-estate agent. Read up on trends and markets just to observe and learn the economic wavelength. At least you’ll get an upper hand when someone explains the ugly truths and risks of investing. Look at all your available assets and liabilities. Filter out everything, and I mean everything that is not essential in your life. From vehicles to club memberships, luxury spa treatments and regular haunts. Downsize, resize and regroup your money. Do not use that emergency money just yet. Not just yet.

Work on multiple avenues of income. You need this to happen cos it will save you from going cash empty in the next two years. Any skills you may have, old jobs you can go back to, anything familiar that you know how to do or are an expert at, go do it. Get in touch with . Find out what you’re good at or acquire a new skill. Upgrading is a must now. Prepare yourself cos the bigger wave will hit like a tsunami and you have to be ready for it.

Tis the time to live frugally. And I don’t mean in a way that you have to ration yourself like in a civil war scenario or cut coupons from newspaper clippings (though I do do that haha) but being frugal in the way you spend by looking after your finances even more closer to heart. Being aware of financial priorities and cutting down on expenses. The aim is to stretch your dollar to its potential and diversify your earnings where you can.

Mental Health and Well- being

image: Muhammad Faris

Recent reports of people throwing furniture and belongings out their window, the not wearing of masks ” sovereignfiasco and much much more, are just one of the few cases that were made viral to the public. The effects of cabin fever really shone through these last few months since April and the police are desk-stacked with domestic violence reports between spouses, neglected elderly and children on the rise and even small time burglary/petty theft. Parents, guardians and caretakers are trying to cope with all the covid19 changes and challenges. Already hit financially and emotionally, they get another whammy from mental disturbances that their minds and their bodies just can not seem to grasp. With the disorder of things and how chaotic the ecology of the World has become, it has been a greater challenge for anyone caught in the Peacemaker and Keeper of the House situation.

image: Annie Spratt

Stresses of teaching children with stay home schooling, being on zoom meetings for work and class, getting through datelines with WFH (work from home) while your mother asks you to clean the oven are just some mentally challenging experiences we are forced to face with no choice or remedy. How do we quiet this chaos without compromising our state of mind, our responsibilities and the order of things?

image: Mimi Thian

What you can do:

Join a community or network online. Start building relationships with people who are living similar lives as you or at least get to know people who have links to doable and feasible solutions. We all need the help, no matter if you’re a civil defense lawyer, a teacher or a train operator. We all lead different lives that may contain similar things. So find people with similarities. is one platform that I use to connect with like-minded people. And one in particular that I spearhead is called The Simple Life club.

Get yourself a coach, trainer or accountability partner. This helps if you need a listening pal to rant to or ask for opinions from. It’s always good to have someone who can truly listen with compassion and without judgement. I have one Whatsapp group chat that I admin, called Team Boss, a goal tracking and empowerment club for really busy people. I also have my secret weapon, my best friend and another dear friend of mine who are my voices of reason when I need emotional support.

image: Priscilla Du Preez

Take some time for yourself to relax and break free. Going out with some friends is alright once in a couple of months if the time permits. Of course, be sure to spend time with good friends not toxic ones. It’s where you get ideas and have new points of view or maybe get some tips about something that’s been bugging you. Someone somewhere have the answers you’re looking for about how to best take of elderly, where to bring the kids on a weekend, how to better communicate with people at work and much more.

Meditate and pray whenever you can, to silence the noise and get back on track with your inner self. Practice mindfulness if you’d like, there’s so much you can learn from Youtube or this platform called Udemy, where they have courses on Mindfulness practice. You can even level up on your mastery.

Be active in sports or at least join a zumba class online to get that heart rate pumping. Health should be holistic. Which should include mental, spiritual and physical care.

Well, the future’s for ours to see, que sera sera right? We can only work on it and keep the faith. Our dreams don’t work unless we do, so prepare for the hustle cos this new norm is just the beginning of more things to come. Take that leap of faith that everything will turn out alright.

image: Daria Nepriakhina

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