5 Movies that will Boost your Mood

Let me put a disclaimer first that there might be some spoilers in this post. Exposing some life lessons or end messages of each film. If you’re addicted to films and get motivated and inspired easily through watching them, then these next movies will add on to your go-to mood boost checklist. Watch out !

Here’s the list.

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Number 1 (Life lessons / purpose )

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If you’re feeling down and out or that your life is just a long boring story of predictable scripts cos you refuse to try anything new , watch : “Yes Man!” Featuring Jim Carrey

This film has a very positive and uplifting vibe to it that will inspire you to kick off your shoes and take on different hats to explore your potential. The movie’s message however is ironically not to just be a Yes Man in your life. Instead it encourages you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone to find your purpose whilst understanding that you’re allowed to refuse and reject others.

Number 2 (Relationships)

Image: Roger Ebert

If you’re currently going through a devastating relationship change and are bordering between slumping into eternal destruction and hope, fear not , watch : “Under the Tuscan Sun” Featuring Diane Lane

It has adult themes so be careful with who you watch it with. This is a film that portrays the highs and lows of being on your own and exploring your independence and self worth. It is tailored for divorcees but not limited to them. The amount of life lessons from friendship to family and soul searching stretches out throughout the film. So this is a roller coaster ride that you’d love to get onboard, I assure you.

Number 3 ( Goals / Ambition )

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If you’re in need of motivation and wanting to get into a groovy positive momentum to strive and work for your goals, watch : “A View from the Top” Featuring Gwyneth Paltrow .

This is my ultimate go-to when I need a good laugh, a little bit of love whilst motivating me to focus on my dreams. It’s empowering and fun with a very causal and relaxed no brainer storyline. The movie exposes our limiting beliefs and excites our liberating beliefs. See what can happen if you just work on your Dreams. I wanna be just like Donna. 😉

Number 4 ( Just laugh like there’s no tomorrow )

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If you’ve just got back from a hard day’s work and need to get your mind off serious and “heavy” topics of life, your go-to should be : “Fun with Dick and Jane” Featuring Jim Carey and Tea Leoni

You got to hand it to this hit comedy couple for being able to clique the heck outta their chemistry. They were on point to the tee when it comes to integrating comedy into coping with crisis. It’s a back to back laugh fest that I literally almost fell off the couch for. Feel good throughout the movie and learned a few survival tactics too along the way. Out of breath. Haha.

Number 5 ( Love, Laughter and Life Tragedies)

Image : Rotten Tomatoes

If you’re looking to have a good laugh while still appreciating a solid storyline, watch :The Family Stone” Featuring Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams, Luke Wilson, Sarah Jessica Parker and the veteran Diane Keaton.

From the line-up of iconic talents, you can guess what kind of party this tent has set you up for. It’s brilliantly poetic and tasteful. The fun starts from the first 15 minutes into the movie. Set on the eve before Christmas, this family feud is endearing yet laughable. Topics we could all associate with when growing up with siblings or even the moment of meeting future in-laws. Life decisions married with crazy family moments are just what I need to boost my good mood for the New Year.

I used to write in a movie journal a lot. I guess you can call me a movie buff”. I kept it for my own reference and it contained my critiques for any film, blockbuster or documentary that I’ve ever seen.

This passion developed when I saw my first impactful film “Top Gun” as a kid. Then “The Monster Squad” and “Ghostbusters” took over our childhood with adventure. These films were all over our prime time Sunday time slots growing up.

Gosh, I’ve revealed my age now haven’t I ? Haha. Well, it’s still a strong interest in me till today. Though the journal has now been replaced with a virtual check in at the cinemas, I still give one or two points of view sometimes. The magic, is that some of these films did make us the people we are today. Interesting isn’t it?

I hope these films will excite you, ignite you and invoke some good thoughts and feelings throughout the process. Enjoy the flicks and give that mood a boost it deserves!

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