A Simpler Lifestyle Begins with You

It all starts from ground zero. You.

Your beliefs, principles and habits will allow you to either simplify your life or complicate it. Now, tailored to your own way of life, whether you’re a jet setter, the leader of a large family, a soloist, a city slicker or someone who lives way out there in the middle of nowhere, design your life with these pointers.

Image: Daria Shevtsova

I know we’ve had a few articles about simple living through the years so this will reaffirm and remind you again on the fundamentals.

1. Own and Buy less

Image: Kaboompics.com

Getting rid of excess is the whole point here. Look at everything you own and trim it down to your basic needs. You have more space to breathe , lesser things to clean and clear out and it’ll improve your environment by ten folds. Owning and buying less also means that you’re helping Mother Earth.

2. Eat for nutrition

Image: Foodie factor

Whether you buy junk or healthy food, you still need to spend a huge amount on groceries and take out.

When you eat and buy food enough to replenish yourself for energy and health, it will bring joy to your body cos you’re taking good care of it. You gain more energy by consuming healthier foods and you don’t feel the need to eat huge portions cos your body has capped its energy consumption for the day.

Now eating healthy doesn’t mean that you’re free from certain illnesses and diseases, it just means that you extend your life span and pay less for medical bills. Taking care of your body is like taking care of a car. You do maintenance on it to keep the engine in top notch condition. Everything inside and out is clean and beautiful and you know that it won’t stall in the middle of a highway and give up on you at the least expected times.

With a good eating habit, there will be less complications to deal with your body.

3. Don’t spend what you don’t have

Image: Pixabay

We’re talking about debts. If you don’t need a credit card, then don’t do it. Need it to open a mortgage account ? Need a loan? Sure why not, but that’s it. Don’t be tempted to spend what you don’t have. It’s not important. Seriously, it really is not. You’ve got to change your mindset.

Now I know there are lots of people who are so financially savvy that they are on the ball with what’s the best card to own, to get what points and where. Using it at its potential etc. Benefiting from credit points and membership as well. Yes, that’s good for you. You’re always on top of things and you’re a super hero on updating yourself with bank policies and credit card point benefits.

Congrats, share the info with your friends. But if you’re not a Superhero mastermind of keeping updated with news and policies and reading tons of articles about finance, please leave it to the professionals and do the simpler thing for you by not owning debt.

Pay off your mortgage as soon as possibly can or figure out a way with a financial advisor on how to maximize your money in order for you to fulfill this goal.

4. Plan your finances for your retirement

It doesn’t matter if you have 10 children that are all CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. This is for You. You can’t expect anyone to take care of you. Your own money that you have been working hard for all these years, plus investments, and your side incomes and insurances and small overseas ventures will all help you out in the end.

At the end of the day, you’ve only got yourself. So start figuring out how you’re going to take care of yourself today so you won’t have to worry through your 50’s.

So simplify your future by making the right decisions today.

5. Lead a low maintenance lifestyle

Yes I do go to the salon occasionally and it’s ok. Just don’t have a high standard of monthly maintenance, that’s all.

Image: Bianca Goncalves

If you lead a lifestyle of high teas at hotels weekly, meetup with the guys at the country club monthly, own a high maintenance car that’s basically choking you, you throw parties as often as you can, go for manis and pedis like a routine or shop till you’re maxed out for the month then you’re prepping for disaster.

Oh honey, if you’re a millionaire and/or the son or daugther of the Maharajah of the City, then go ahead if your heritage will never run out of supply of money. It’s your right to enjoy the money here on earth cos you can’t bring it with you to the grave anyway.

But if you’re not, then don’t spend like money grow on trees.

If Covid19 has not taught you this, I don’t know what else will open up your eyes.

There isn’t just 5 ways to lead a simpler lifestyle. So I urge you to seek as much knowledge there is about anything useful in order for you to accomplish this goal.

A simpler lifestyle allows you to focus your attention on more important pursuits. It opens up room for intentional living and connecting with nature and people at the highest meaningful level. And that itself is the true gift of an abundant and fulfilling life.

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