6 Netflix Shows You Gotta See

My favorite thing to do now is binge watch Netflix till I zonk out on the couch. It’s a new found hobby of mine (and I’m sure a lot of you too) since Covid gave birth to this new normal lifestyle we’ve had to conform to, we’ve found ways to entertain our boredom. In this case, there isn’t a moment I zombied out while watching these flicks.

Here’s 8 movies/documentaries/series that’s worth your time of day.

image: Mollie Sivaram

Docu-Movie : ” My Octopus Teacher”

Get ready a box of tissues cos you’re about to be whipped with emotions. What I thought was an innocent film about octopuses was indeed a shock to my senses, you guys. I cried so hard, I don’t even know why.


This film is basically about a filmmaker ~ Craig Foster’s one year documented journey with a wild octopus. And to my amazing discovery, octopuses actually do lead a somewhat similar life like humans. Besides the common predators it has to defend itself from, life as an octopus is truly a learning experience. It actually made friends with a human and shared many moments of understanding and communication. And I’m not talking about “Oh, I see human, human is friend” kinda thing. I mean, this octopus actually… knows… that this human is Craig. Craig learned a lot from its resilience, hardwork and street-smartness. This Octopus really is a Teacher. And I’m not going to give you a spoiler but just a warning, towards the end, that box of tissues will come in handy.

Documentary: David Attenborough A Life On Our Planet


We all know this legend of a man,who needs no introduction at all. A Life on Our Planet showcases the amazing rich an abundant LIFE our planet has. Sir David Attenborough’s life experiences and contributions really deserve an Astounding Lifetime Achievement Award for all his efforts.

He shows and makes us understand how we are all interconnected and need each other in this circle of life. He leaves no life-form out of the equation and would like generations to come, to step up and carry on the legacy of protecting, conserving, defending, nurturing and preserving Mother Earth and all her residents. Another tear jerker ~ Sir David’s fears about the future of the planet is very concerning and worrying. That look in his eyes and almost breaking down in emotions grabs your attention on the seriousness of this matter.

Documentary : Kiss the Ground


Oh man, I feel like what I’ve been doing individually all this time is not even close to enough. This really turned my perspective 180 on the many effects of our actions. We need to start thinking further into our future even though we may think that we won’t be around to see it. Whatever we do has a cause and effect. And this documentary shows the behind the scenes of what we may not realize is actually happening right under our noses. We are uniquely intertwined with everything and everyone. Some misconceptions are cleared out too. Rewardingly educational and it keeps me feeling involved and part of the circle.

Drama series : Self Made

If we asked ourselves honestly, most of us this part of the World will say ” No, I don’t know who in God’s name is Madam CJ Walker.” She is known as America’s first female self-made millionaire in the Guiness Book World of Records. This is a great rags to riches story that’s good enough to make me sit through a huge block time to learn how she did it.

Yes, it’s based on a real person ~ Madam CJ, armed with her aggressive mental strength and never back down attitude,her determination and resilience is the very power that bulldozes through all her life obstacles that stand in her way. Want to get motivated about being an entrepreneur? Want to get inspired rising up from the ashes? Then this docu series is the one you need to watch. It’s all hard work baby. All hard work.


Drama series : The Good Place

I have been seeing this poster over and over again but refuse to click on it. But as stubborn as I was, I crumbled and went forth to click on it. Why haven’t I seen this earlier? It’s so in tune with my concept of Life. I just love how it messes up your mind (makes you think) further about the idea of Afterlife. This series pulls you back down to the basics of the good values of what Mankind can do if we all just did our part and do more good things.

The series tickles your curiosity and makes you ponder more about possibilities and the limitlessness of our capabilities. Though it may get too philosophical for some, it’s easily digestible due to all the comedy that goes on. Learning about morals and ethics has never been more interesting.


Docu -Series : Three Identical Strangers

Imagine someday finding out that there are actually 3 identical versions of you in the World. And you’re all leading similar lives whilst being observed by an underground network of doctors. What were they actually finding out data on when they separated the triplets? And are there more twins or triplets out there that have not found each other yet?

This series basically lets the secret out on the many devious things that goes on behind what seems like an innocent adoption agency. How would 3 identical children (with mental issues) grow up to be in three homes that had different social classes, family dynamics, nurturing styles and education? Would they turn out all the same? Or do these factors play a huge role in the success rate of each child’s life?


Three identical strangers emphasizes on the importance of bringing up children in a healthy and happy home. What you say, what you do and what you project onto children do impact the rest of their lives. Find out what happened to them.

There are still much more movies and series I could recommend as you know, there’s dozens of them but these are just 6 to start you up. It’s amazing how much we can learn from movies and tv. Of course watch sparingly ok..haha. Don’t glue yourself to the screen.

Learn and live. I hope this inspires you.

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