My Gratitude Journal and 21 Things to Do in 2021

I’m not very much for resolutions as without a timely realistic plan, a resolution won’t manifest itself into reality. So I’ve come up with 21 things that I need to get done in 2021.

So far,I’ve already come up with 9 things and still working on the rest. I’ve accomplished 1 thing as well, and that’s a good start for the year don’t you think? HAha.

So before I went into the things I needed to get done this year, I think it’s good to reflect for a moment what 2020 has done for me and the things that I’ve gone through.

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Gratitude Journal 2020 Summary

  1. I had a good couple of months in the beginning of 2020. Jan- March were good months. Spent a huge birthday bash for my mum and hubby. I went all out, gave him a gift that made him scream and shout in excitement and happiness. Like a little kid. HAha. And also a gift and celebration that my mum would never forget.
  2. Cutting ties with a friend. So you know how much we would love to support our friend’s businesses and all but I’ve learnt the hard way that you never ever should hire a friend. It’s just not worth it unless you are for certain that they have absolute integrity. Glad I decided to cut ties. Never again.
  3. Moments are so precious and I’m glad that I didn’t just realize that. I have been making doubly sure that I make moments to remember, even with the simple intimate kinds. Making memories are my specialty I guess. That’s why meetups or gatherings to me are very precious and special.
  4. I was prepared before the pandemic lockdown. So I bought a portable outdoor bathtub in February and no regrets at all. When the lockdown hit the shores in April, I was surprisingly already prepared with things to do in the house. Besides cooking, cleaning and working from home, I somehow had the intuition that this year won’t be a traveling year for us and I didn’t buy those tickets I was supposedly planning to buy. I said, ” You know what, let’s save some money and just spend our holidays right here at home.” And was I right, man. I didn’t know that buying the tub and doing up our balcony with outdoor plants would do us this good. It worked out so well.
  5. I lost a disposable income. So we got a pay cut and it hit some of us really bad. I’m grateful that we don’t lead a lavish lifestyle. We don’t have a car or a helper. Our only concerns are food, shelter and feeding our furbabies. I realize too that a lot of places do not want to hire people of rank and it’s really discriminating and sad to find that nobody supports that. It’s not the pay we’re looking for, it’s the ability to work and earn income for our families even if it’s as a washer. If only more places are more giving and understanding that we’re here to do a job not chase for high income pay.
  6. Family is truly where the heart is. I never realized that my family is that awesome. They’ve chipped in in whatever way they know how. It’s so moving to see how much unconditional love we get.
  7. I got into an accident. Ok so yes I tore my ligament and it has been a pain in the ass. I really took falling for granted and learned the hard way. I love my legs, my hands, my body, my face, my lungs and everything that comes with me. I just didn’t expect that my physical would be tested this way. It has had such a huge impact on me and my family too. I’ve become immobile for some time and this renders me handicap to do some basic and regular things. Like visiting my mum and aunt. Going to the supermarket, doing chores,showering and cleaning my house. All the things that kept me moving, healthy and sane are now stresses. I even had to walk with a cane and my hubby has been my crutch all this time, like literally. So though I can’t walk a long way and move a lot, I am still moving, despite. So I’m grateful.
  8. My sisters are the best. They came over and took care of me and got me prepped and taken cared for. I’m so blessed that I get to experience this. I’ll never forget their kindness.
  9. I am the connector and keeper of the community no matter how much I don’t want to be. I have been paying very close attention to my networks and people I’m connecting with. And I maintain good contact with those who want to keep in touch and those who care to keep in touch. I understand that for some projects, I have no choice but be the leader and make things happen. If not, it will all go to waste.
  10. There’s always a silver lining. I haven’t been too depressed this year (besides dealing with my injury and stress ) cos I always like to see what comes out of a bad thing. I remember a line from that movie Under the Tuscan Sun, where Katherine says ” Terrible ideas, don’t you just love those.” This keeps me in check that not all things bad are what it seems. I managed to get some work done for my online store, which is coming up in February you guys!! Had I started work at my second job, I wouldn’t get the chance to.

image: Florian Klauer

A new page awaits us. It’s almost midway of January, have you done some productive things lately? Have you started on your goals yet? Well, I’m still working on mine so I’ll give you just a gist of what I’ve been working on.

Now they’re not in order and also not carved in stone so I may change it along the way based on what is achievable and realistic. So here’s the plan.

21 Things to Do in 2021

  1. Get my CPF nominated ( CPF is like 401K for Singaporeans) . If you haven’t, you really should. It’s crucial that you do this. This will save your family a ton of headaches in future, in the case of your demise. Leave your family in peace not in pieces, dealing with things that you should have dealt with from the start.
  2. Get my insurance nominated. For the same exact reason.
  3. Get a will done. Now I know this all seems very dreadful but it’s actually not. Cos when my dad and uncle passed away, it was a huge lesson that I had to learn the hard way. The government and banks are going to make your life miserable when it comes to claims for the demise. They’re not going to make it easy to get the money and assets to your family. We don’t want to burden them anymore than they have to after we’re gone.
  4. Repack my storage unit and buy new boxes to replace the old torn ones. I need to get packing and do a packing party like pronto.
  5. Get rid of the junk in my storage unit, as much as possible. Less is more, is the concept here.
  6. Launch my online store. I’m so looking forward to this. It’s been my goal setting it up since last year and I’m going to make it happen this year.
  7. Change my phone. Yup I know I know… It’s old. I’m still working on this cos I’m not good with IT. Sigh, this is going to be a struggle for me. HAha.
  8. Clean out my wardrobe. It’s good that I’m already doing this on a monthly basis so I’m going to just keep it up.
  9. Lose 10kg. Oh this is the major major challenge. I need a lot of mindfulness, awareness and discipline. End goal is, I need to be happy with myself.
  10. Send birthday e-cards or physical ones, I’m not too sure yet. I do intend to wish some people that I’ve not been able to meet up with for the past year.
  11. Meet up with old friends. I’ve not seen some really old friends and I want to do that this year. It has got to be this year. Small meetups, like coffee sessions or breakfast or even lunching together to get that rapport going strong.
  12. Visit family graves monthly. I have to at least fulfill last year’s goal that was unachieved due to Covid.
  13. Redecorate my home. Spring cleaning and selling stuff we don’t need anymore. Step by step, we’ll get it done! A new look for a new year!
  14. At least 2 staycations! To keep sane and have a refreshing environment to relax and have some couple fun will do us good. It’s going to be a busy year so we deserve this.
  15. Get a health check. Like finally after 15yrs, I’ve not been to any and it’s way past its due time.
  16. Rehab and Recover. It’s more important to me than anything. I need to be able to walk properly again without limping. I’m getting tired not being able to not have back pains and muscle aches due to all this weight compensating to my other leg. Slowly but surely I’m getting there.
  17. Read a book. I’ve not been reading lately so I need to read at least 1 for this year. I have to do this! I must! I need to get rid of books too so I can make space for other new books that come in or just the empty space is good enough.
  18. After I’ve recovered fully, I want to drive again just once. Just for a day I’d like to get behind the wheel again. I’d rent a vehicle and make full use of the day to clear out whatever trash I have at the storage unit or maybe I’ll bring my mum around for a day.
  19. Check on all my teams once a month. I’ve been appointed and approached by a couple of people to build foundations and projects with them. A collab that I’m truly looking forward to but if no one keeps an eye on it, it’ll all just become another day dream not manifested.
  20. Meet up with my cousins for Eid. Something that we’ve been postponing due to Covid. We need to connect back again. All extended family reunite once again. It’ll be awesome.
  21. Complete all other unfinished business before the year ends. Whatever it may be, it could be an errand, an incomplete transaction, an unfinished project or even closure. It’s got to be this year.

So there you have it. I sort of went along the way and wrote what came to mind are the most important ones. It’s going to be a real busy year and I’m bracing for it. I’m looking forward to 3 things. Recovering, launching my online store and losing those kilos. Pray for me would ya 🙂 🤲🏼 .

Putting my mindset into another mode, I know I have to start making lists and tasks in line to getting things done. The list can’t just be a list. It has to be doable and realistic. I’m praying each day for me to get better with recovery and losing weight. The lockdown has really taken a toll on my activities. I know I can do this! I can! I can ! I can! And I will. I must!

What are your 21 things ? Care to share? Do write it down in the comments or DM me on Instagram @simplelifedaily and I might just feature you on our stories.

image : Annie Spratt

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