Next Level Relaxation Methods that Might Surprise You

It won’t come as a surprise to you that a lot of relaxation exercises and guides come from channels and platforms like Youtube, Facebook Groups and online therapy sessions on apps like or Calm. But in today’s article I’m not just sharing guided tours on Youtube or apps, I’m also letting you in on other types of relaxation practices that you may not have heard of or simple things that you didn’t know that you could do, that can help relax you.

Ready to jump on this ? Let’s go!

image: Elijah Hiett

Guided Visualization Meditation

A Visualization Meditation is basically a script lead hypnotherapy session that puts you in a deeper state of relaxation. Allowing your mind to create an imaginative reality while in an induced relaxed state. Based on what the script describes to you, you allow your mind to follow the flow of the script and unconsciously create the mind’s relaxed environment.

I am a fan of the Jason Stephenson channel. And though he does meditation for deep sleep and healing, this is one of him doing a Guided Imagery script. Listen in and pay close attention to the details in this script. You’ll become more aware of the things around you.

In this script, the guided visualization allows you to go deep into your imagination. Relate to everything that he says ~ open that magic book which is your mind. The clip has sound effects as well so it brings you even deeper into your imaginative reality. Your senses will thank you and you’ll come out of this session deeply relaxed and refreshed. Click that link on his name now.

image: Marcus Helm

Deep Breathing Relaxation

Another channel that helps you with meditation are the Honest Guys. Now, I’ve not fully surveyed this channel yet but this clip is a good one to start with. It couples breathing exercises with guided meditation. We need to replenish our bodies with oxygen so that our red blood cells can help carry this to every part of our body. Oxygen is essential to our organs functioning at its optimum. The tension sometimes comes from us not breathing properly. You’ll be surprised that we don’t actually know how to breathe. Breath work comes in many types. Here’s a selection of recorded clipings scripted for you in English and Spanish. Choose from a selection of Guides. Thank you UCLA !

image: Adrian Swancar

Anatomy Therapy Sessions

I have a got a good resource for this. HAha, it’s my very own mother in-law. God bless her soul that when I first met her 5 years ago, she actually helped me get rid of the tendonitis in my wrist by the first therapy session.

She’s what you call, an Anatomy Therapist. Now, when I heard of this I was like ” What?”. I’ve never heard of it, can you blame me? So what do I do? Google it! Yup.

So anatomy therapy is basically the art of self healing . Married with an array of organic essential oils, anatomy therapy has been around actually for the longest time, it’s just known as another term. Practiced mostly in the Indian culture, this ancient technique of self healing is catching to be quite in trend and it’s developing and more evolved as years go by, by other practitioners. In a more general perspective, it’s basically homeopathy enhanced.

As more and more people want more organic and less intrusive ways of healing, they tend to look toward nature, nutrition and physical and mental health. This is what Anatomic Therapy encompasses.

A holistic approach to healing your insides and out. Together with nature and the nurturing of the mind, body and soul, healing and relaxation is bound to happen even within one 45 minute session.

Ayurveda Practices

I think the ancient Indians have really thought of every sense of the word in Holistic Health. Whether it’s sexual, physical or mental health, they have thousands of years of proven methods that work to maintain your mind and body at its optimum.

One I’d like to share is ayurvedic massage. When I used to travel for work, I looked forward to my monthly massages all over the World. Ayurvedic massage therapy is something that just relaxes my body like it’s floating on a cloud basically.

That dripping of herbal oil onto your forehead ( shirodhara ) in a consistent continuous flow, soothes you . You need to expect this though, your hair and body will be very oily, so no make up and don’t wash your hair that day. You may or may not be cold depending on the table setup and room temperature set up, so make sure that you let them know if the temperature is ok. The reason being is that the oil is already warm so you’re going to get this hot oily fluid that oozes down from this copper looking beautiful dripping bowl thingy right above you. Other than that, that’s the only slight discomfort if you’re trying it for the first time and not used to lots of oil.

Enjoy the ayurvedic session, it’s next level relaxation that helps you with anxiety and long time ailments. Heals your memory and aids with sleep and insomnia.

Ayurveda is also a type of discipline that people have been practising for as long as the first lunar calendar. Here’s one by my favorite Youtuber, Lavendaire. It’s not just massage, it’s a discipline for the mind body and soul built into a routine. These daily habits are what keeps you going for the long run. Pray we all get to live a long and fulfilling life. God-willing.

Ear Massage Therapy

It might sound a bit strange but yes it is the therapy for your ears. According to Dr Wendy from Hayden Health and Wellness, this therapy is rooted from Chinese Traditional Medicine (another ancient method that surpass some modern day medical methods) and later expanded research and development by a french doctor, a Dr Paul Nogier of Lyon.

It’s named, Auriculotherapy or Ear Acupuncture. Now, for ear acupuncture itself (involves needles and insertions into nerves near the ear) you need to ensure that the TCM practitioner or Ear acupuncturist you go to has proper professional certification for it and is familiar with this therapy or else you run a risk of the person handling it wrongly and it may cause side effects or “accidents” to your nerves. A more safer method of Ear Therapy is by massaging and touch. Ear Massage.

Our ear is made up of many nerve endings and it all connects to the different parts of our internal organs. This form of Ear Therapy is more known as the reflexology of the ear. Below is a chart similar to the chart for the feet in most TCM clinics or foot reflexology parlors.

image: Pinterest

In some videos you’ll find on Youtube, you’ll also find Ear Cleaning therapy/massages as well, where someone actually cleans your ears. Weird, I know but it exists. HAha! Here it is. This one’s an ASMR version of it.

When I was doing the research, I found a ton of things that really surprised me. I mean, I know that all these methods are something that most of us enjoy ( like at home or with our partners) but I never thought of it as a form of therapy.

Hair Brushing Therapy

Do you enjoy going to the hair salon? Are you the sort that love it when someone plays with your hair? Well, there’s such a thing as hair brushing therapy. ASMRPsycheTruth is a channel dedicated to relaxation methods partnering with auditory sensory meridian response therapy, ASMR. I love some of the outfits in the videos of the PsycheTruth regulars, like Corrina’s. Sexayyy… Hehe.

The brushing of your hair or gentle strokes of your hair and massaging of the scalp can really loosen the tension areas on your head, like temples, forehead and neck region. The most enjoyable part is when there’s lots of hair to work with. Long haired people… enjoy! The equipment you use for hair brushing therapy also makes a difference. It may heighten the state of relaxation. Wonder if Rapunzel ever had that ? 🤔

image: Liubov Ilchuk

Back Pampering and Dry Body Brushing

Back Pampering can consist of many a wonderful tingly feelings. For those of us who are extremely tactile (like me), I always ask my hubby to rub/scratch my back. I absolutely LOVE back pampering. This is like my addiction and go-to fast relaxation technique.

I mean,I ask for it daily. And those who are very tactile will too. We’re like cats.

image: Oleg Ivanov

Back pampering can be oily or dry or both. The both part is the best. You can start with a dry brush (like those scrubbing loofahs/ hand brushes) of the back and exfoliate away the dry dead skin (don’t over-exfoliate) and then carry on with other “brush like instruments” like extremely soft and large makeup brushes. Watch this and this.

Another ASMR channel I love is WhispersRed ASMR. Emma is a gentle and gorgeous young lady, and watching her do all the magic in her therapy sessions will make you feel like “Please can you come out from the screen and do that to me too.” Lols. I will volunteer myself as tribute anytime HAha. Please take me, take me.

image: WhispersRed ASMR

All these relaxation methods are best done by someone you know, a best friend or partner that loves to please and help you with this or a therapist who does this professionally. You can do some practices yourself ( like dry body brushing, body oiling self massage and brushing of hair) but to have someone else do it for you, ups the level of relaxed.

I hope you explore into these methods and maybe ask around within your circles on who would like to do it for you or maybe enjoy a session like that by you. I scratch your back, you scratch mine kinda thing, right. Win win situations are always what we are looking for at the end of the day but also know that you can self therapy as well whenever you do self care.

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Enjoy, the weekend is near. Wink wink.

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  1. This is amazing – I thought I was the only strange person that asks for back tickles and head massages constantly! Would love to try some of these as professional sessions

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    1. It’s addictive right !!! Haha! I’m waiting too for a professional therapy session. 😉


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