Be a Happiness Agent!

So I saw a local film ( my brother’s part of the production team too might I add ) in December last year and I loved it so much. It’s an artsy film but if you love it , you love it. It’s surreal and built around a utopian concept of being a part of this community that encourages self- love, peace and harmony amongst all races and all types of people. I’m talking about the Tiong Bahru Social Club.

(image: Vlada Karpovic )

I hope they get it on Netflix soon so I can rewatch it.

Anyway, the protagonist is a simple guy who’s always led this super simple life with his mom ( very protected ), working in a boring 9-5 when one day he was appointed ( or got a job ) to become a Happiness agent for his local community. A great step from whatever he was doing previously.

Nothing sinister about the plot and all but it does invoke this thought in you about what we perceive as “harmony” and “happiness”. It has that Stepford housewife meets a Jim Carrey film kinda feels throughout. There’s also a scene where they do ” sexy time” in a weird animated way. Look out for that.

It doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s day but when it’s put into a context like this ( that’s it’s an actual job ) , it does create an eye opener for what truly is Happy and to what extremes do you go to make someone feel that way? In another person’s perspective, your idea might not be something that they consider as happiness.

Most times, it’s the connections we made that allow us to experience happy moments. Special moments or the “being present” moments that we can really take away from, will be part of our memories forever. That’s the thing that keeps us in a happy state. Whenever we recall happy moments, memories and we pursue what makes us happy, then we’re automatically in a Happy state.

Happiness is not a destination people, it’s an emotion or state and we must realise that it is one. Once we get the hang of understanding that it’s a state of mind/ being , we don’t have to keep waiting for that “moment” to be happy. We can create happiness anytime and anywhere. From within ourselves.

Vitoria Santos

So get rid of that old concept of “some day I’ll truly be happy”. NO, you can be HAPPY right here right now. And no one is responsible for your own Happiness besides YOU. So don’t wait for that Queen or Prince you’ve been dying to meet to make your life go round or you’ll end up getting disappointed day in and day out. Let go of this belief and Happiness will arrive at your doorstep in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Understand, Happiness is an emotion. Get it now for free!

How you say?

Do things that make you happy.

Like 100% go and find out what makes you happy. Is it going to get your hair done? Shopping online? Cleaning out your closet? Organising ? Being at the library? Seeing a show? Helping out your parents? Is it watching movies at the cinema back to back with a secret someone? Is it snogging in the car with that special person on a rainy day? HAHA.

Literally anything. Reading a book, cycling , walking outdoors, going on a solo camping trip, digital detox in a cabin somewhere, cooking for family and friends, baking cookies for your neighbour, chatting till 5am with your bestie, reading poetry to a loved one, cleaning out your garage, spending time with an old buddy, playing laser tag at your city’s game centre, volunteering at a home, having drinks at your local watering hole, blowing bubbles at the beach, booking a personal photoshoot with a professional studio or photographer….. and the list goes on and on my friends.

Get out there. Go know about what makes you happy. And no it does not involve another person’s effort to make YOU happy. It only and solely depends on you. The outcome of your own Happiness is not based on what someone else can do or should do for you.

It’s You.

So if you wanna be a Happiness Agent, remember most importantly, be one for your SELF.

Alright. Glad we had this talk.


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