Don’t Work, Eat and Sleep your Life Away

Anna Shvets

Hey you. Yes you. When was the last time you truly lived? Like that feeling of being ALIVE on this planet. That adrenaline rush that gets into your guts and pumps out through your veins and into the system of your state of mind.

What are we if not a walking archive of knowledge and memories. A ball of energy filled with all this lifetime of information and experiences that string our life-story timelines together.

The question is, did you learn anything thus far? Have you had a breath yet to smell the life around you?

It’s March 2021 and if you still have not gotten your $hit together then please please… go and learn or experience something… anything!!

Life is not just about working your ass off, going home, plunking down onto the sofa, too tired to eat but you still have to cos you haven’t eaten since lunch time, you mop around wondering why life is the way it is for you, then you try to squeeze in some yoga time, gym time or dating time to clear your mind cos the week has been quite a bummer and if you don’t work out or go out ~ you might get a hella crazy by end week. Blow off that steam.

How has it been for you? From January till now at this point. Already day 61 into the New Year and it’s going supernova fast people.

Lay it all down in front of you. Did you learn anything ? Did you try something for the first time or have you been a hustler to get all your 2021 goals list checked out?


Wake up here’s the call you’ve been waiting for.

Get up off that three seater sofa and get out the door or go online and get equipped with some new information. Get a hobby. Shave your head. Join a club. Prank call your mom. I don’t know, get creative. Share what you know, build communities, connect with people at another level. Make friends all around the World so that when we do get out of this Covid bubble, you’ve got places to go and people to see.

Life isn’t just a plateau that we walk on, straight into oblivion. No lessons learned, no possibly good memorable life changing experiences, no laughable excerpts to quote out of your life and no levelling up of the state of mind and conquering the doubts of the soul. Life is not designed to be a straight line and don’t you walk that plank.

Life is more than that you guys…

It’s abundant full of beautiful experiences, learning journeys and knowledge.

Design a life you truly love. Be a seeker.

Don’t stop living at one hang up, don’t be defeated by one lousy experience. It takes many no’s and rejections before those yeses pile onto you. And when that wave comes… it’s a tidal wave you never expected to see in your life.

I am living proof that you can design a life that you love.

Me in the white shirt !

For your circumstances to change on the outside, you need to change what’s on the inside. Be it your attitude, mindset or belief system. You want things to happen then make them happen for yourself.

That’s it from me. If you’d like to read inspirational quotes, get motivated or share your thoughts and ideas, do head down to our Instagram account @simplelifedaily and do check out our online store ! Join our Telegram Channel too 🙂

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Have a great weekend ! Don’t pee in the pool.


Ok bye.


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