Diary: I guess I’m a little bit Indie that way

There is a secret place somewhere in Melbourne town, that I go to to sit and have a cappuccino or two and just write.

So far , I’ve only brought one other person there to have a drink with me to appreciate the quaintness and simplicity of the cafe and I told her to keep it a secret.

Those are the times I choose to be by myself. I’m usually known to be a social kid but honestly if you ask me…. most times… I do enjoy being by myself or just with ONE other person. 

No banters or crowds. Frankly, I don’t like crowds. Haha..that’s why I only go to ‘certain’ concerts or gatherings.

I would prefer to stay away from crowds unless I absolutely have to. Like weddings, family get togethers, barbecues etc etc. It’s kinda weird though cos ironically I like to entertain.. (weird).

Just prefer it to be in smaller groups, I guess. Like 5…. maybe 10 maximum.. I don’t know. I don’t like to divide my attention too much cos I care for every person present, you know, but that’s just me, I guess.

 I love the intimacy of taking in everything around me.

Like the sounds of breakfast and waking up on our island , how ice sounds like when you drop it in an empty glass , how shadows move in different times of the day , trying to count how many times I blink in a minute just to see if the statistics are right (sounds like I got a lotta time huh..haha), wondering how far the light of the Sun is and how amazing that it lights up the Moon the way it does, how people break into song when someone starts a beat , why moshing is fun , why people idolise other people , how someone could ride a unicycle, how grass smells differently in different parts of the World, how the finest sand looks like fine raw sugar, why do babies laugh at random things like hearing the sound of their diapers been ripped out from the ‘sticky tape thingy’ and why huskies are so adorable.

Ain’t Life grand… 

Hmm….if I’m with someone..just the two of us, I’d like to share these moments of intimacy. Taking in every moment, sound, sight and emotion.

Watching Life happening, is a magical feeling. 

Of course LIVING it, is an even greater magic. I call it my blessing.

Another blessing I can think of right now is, music. And one particular instrument besides the guitar that I really love listening to is..

The piano

You know how music can influence how you feel and think at that moment or helps you out to getting into a particular mood.

I love piano sounds.

When I listen to piano I’d imagine a tiny little flame, burning in a distant and cold room somewhere deep inside the crevices of my heart, warming me up from the inside. It’s usually really emotional and low vibrations. Like Olafur Arnalds.

Olafur Arnalds | The Line of Best Fit

I mean ..I don’t know how to truly describe it but it makes me feel melancholic. And I like it. Is that weird that sad music or sounds make you actually happy with sadness. A bitter sweet symphony so to speak. Just like how life is. I think it’s how the music makes me feel. And the lyrics adds up too. Like whenever I listen to The Perishers’ ” When I wake up tomorrow.” So much feels.

The Perishers | wiki

It’s crazy, I know. I guess I’m a little bit indie that way.

Well I hope your week was looking up. How did yours go?


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