Diary : A Closed Loop Person

I have this thing I do where I won’t reply unless the person I’m talking to or corresponding to answers what was being asked.

Ok so, I hate dodgers. Dodgers of questions. Like what’s your age? How do you look like ? What’s your favourite tv show? etc etc.

I know that it’s up to them and we shouldn’t really hone in and bother much about it cos it’s a lost cause. Getting riled up over something as trivial as questions is not really how I’d like to spend my weekend.

Chaitanya Tvs

But there is a reason why.

I’m what you call a Closed Loop person. A Closed Loop person has to come full circle. We are the sort that require an answer to every question and that is why it’s easy for us to open up (of course not everything but 98% of the time) and answer people’s queries. We are also Truth seekers. We are also good at problem solving or mystery solving. We always need closure whether it be in an actual closure from someone who broke up with us, whether it’s an argument or an apology. Whatever it is, we need a resolve. We usually need an explanation for that act and will accept whatever the answer is as long as there’s one.

So I know it’s annoying but it has to be done. I believe it’s a way for anyone to project their character and upbringing ( back to the dodging questions type of people). When you dodge, it reflects who you are as a person.

Having said that, I also believe in letting things go. So I won’t reply until the question is answered which is fair, don’t you think? As I’m just mimicking the same respect you’re showing me. Or most times I just forgive them even when they don’t deserve it or if they didn’t apologise.

I don’t like to hover above people who have such traits. It’s exhausting and a waste of time.

So that’s my two cents ! Have a good week ahead !

Sending love,


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