Do you have a Magnetising Personality ? 10 clues that you are.

The World is made up of all types of people from all walks of life. I have met a spectrum of personalities in my years and still do from time to time. That’s what fascinates me. Humans fascinate me. They’re colourful, they’re adventurous, some are absurd even and some just hilarious. No matter what kind of experiences, be it good or bad, I realise that the thing that keeps me wanting to know more and go back for more conversations with them, is their magnetising personality.


Have you ever sat down in a coffeeshop and met someone so magnetising and alluring that you could just sit there all day and just listen to them.

Well, here’s how you know if you’re one of those people.

1.People seem to gravitate towards you when you start to talk

You know that look in people’s eyes, that sparkle or glint of shine that you notice when you start talking about something and they just light up? If people stop to listen to what you have to say, then most probably, your personality is what interests them. Maybe it’s the story, maybe it’s how you tell it, if they stop talking and they ask you for more, then you are who they love to hear from.


2.If people ask you for Advice

An approachable person is always someone that is needed out there in the scary World of “nobody listens”. If they believe that you’re non judgemental and good with advice, people will always look for you for the answer that they’re looking for. Though you may not be able to help much or give them a point blank answer, they appreciate the time you give to them and respect you enough to speak to you and hear you out. You are their voice of reason.

3.When in a meeting, you are the one that breaks the ice


So we all have that awkward moment in a meeting where everyone is super quiet and just begging quietly in their heads that someone starts to speak, so they can get the ball rolling. If you are that someone that starts to speak, break the ice and get everyone comfortable, then you have not only a very forward and outgoing personality but you also find absolute silence really weird hahaha.

4.If in a project or anything to do with presentation , people want you to lead the way

Ok this might seem a bit like a crutch, which people might sometimes use you for but it’s all in the good name of reliability. People rely on you because they know that with your exuberant personality that seem so poise and collect, they feel like you would be the ideal candidate to speak on behalf of everyone. You’re good at delegation and they value your feedback on how to best proceed. Do be aware to draw the line so that you won’t be seen as a pushover. If not, you’re always targetted to do stuff for people and we wouldn’t want that.

5.When you enter the room, you’re the life of the party

The room is dead and the air is still. It’s like as though there’s a eulogy going on and nobody wants to be there. But the moment you knock on that door with your signature hello, people jump up from their seats and go , ” Yeah… she’s here!” and the tone of people’s voices start to get a little high pitched and the excitement seems to enter their system and they walk over to welcome you. You know that people look forward to seeing you. A gathering won’t be a gathering if you’re not there.


6.Children love to be around you just like the adults


They love how you read stories to them and how you entertain them whenever they ask you a question or two or maybe two hundred haha. Kids adore you as much as you adore their inquisitive nature. And adults adore you as well. They are consumed with your energy and get very involved emotionally whenever you share a story.

7.Your Aura is Attractive

Does it seem like people are just naturally attracted to you. They are relieved when you’re around, they get distracted and lose track of time cos they just want to indulge themselves with you. They love listening to you, they’re attracted to you spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually. You aura is alluring and full of light. Be careful though, cos those who have negative energies would love to suck the life out of you so recognise the energy suckers and sniff them out before they affect your life and your environment.


Other than that, people love to listen to you or watch you. You have that x-factor that people want to drink up like a spiritual lemonade.

Maybe you give them a certain sort of high and once it hits them, they keep coming back for more. Cos that dopamine and oxytocin rush they get from being with you can be addictive.

People get drunk on you, literally.


8.You have that Stage Presence

You are a natural when it comes to public speaking and talking to a crowd. Engaging with strangers is not an issue to you and that’s why sometimes at family events, you’re being delegated to host or do crowd control. Your firm and yet warm personality makes people more willing to listen. So managing people might be your specialty. Besides that, if you perform as an artist or become a motivational speaker, you’ll be great at it as you already own these very important skills of having stage presence.


9.You’re someone’s Happy Pill

On a bad day or maybe a day of boredom and life seems to be in a crisis, people go to you to get a quick perk me up cos they know that your positive and vibrant character will make the grey clouds go away. They always feel better after speaking to you. You’re like a fresh spritz of sun onto a very pale and dull skin. You make people feel better about themselves or at the very least, make them aware about what’s making them unhappy so they may address it sooner than later. Wisdom tree is how they see you as.

10.You have that certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

If you haven’t already heard about this term, “Je ne sais quoi ” in french means ~ a quality that cannot be described easily. There are no words refined enough to describe an alien being like you. You’re that special person that people just love to get close to or at least have as a comfy cushion to life’s many pitfalls. A quality that is uniquely you and rare to find. The gem in the river, the treasure amongst the ruins. So value yourself and also guard your energy at the same time. Your uniqueness is what makes you, You.


The thing about having a magnetising personality is that you attract both the LIKES and OPPOSITES. You just got to be careful on who you surround yourself with because it could drain you or mentally exhaust you as time goes by.

So do YOU have a magnetising personality? Let me know in the comments.

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