Life Stories : Ez Ramli | How I ended up living in the toilet of Changi Airport.

Her life story and how she managed to live an abundant and fulfilling life.

I sat down with Ez Ramli, a long time friend of 14 years now, for a low down on her secret ingredients of living a happy and fulfilling Life.

Much like our regular conversations about the stars and the universe, we have so much perspectives about life itself, but this time, the conversation got to a more personal level.

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Enjoy the read!

When asked what living a life you love means to her, she answers quite simply 

   “Be Authentic about yourself.”

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To be able to tune into the calling of your inner soul. Finding your soul’s purpose is the key to filling up all the empty spaces in the voids of your Mind, Spirit and Soul.

Following and fulfilling your life path is to live a life of clarity, peace and abundance.

According to her, “Bread crumbs are everywhere if you just open your eyes and recognise the trail. Follow the breadcrumbs and it’ll lead you to the next thing and to the next.”

Ez Ramli
Ez Facebook

Breadcrumbs are the signs that were given to you to show you what your purpose could or will be. Unfortunately, we usually shut them out and refuse to answer to our calling. If we only listened and looked out for the signs, we might be able to discover a fulfilling life we’ve always admired people for .

The Beginning

Having parents that divorced when she was only 5, Ez grew up in a home with its own personal dramas. Being the middle child of eight siblings, home was already a lot for her to cope with. To make ends meet, she worked in a lot of places. Jobs that would eventually lead her to her destiny.

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What was the one thing that started everything ? 


She was a dance student with the Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC). This jogged some memories of mine. SBC was something I remember growing up with in the 80’s.


At 21, she saw an ad in the NewPaper, and went for a dance audition at the Excelsior Hotel. Looking for directions, she asked a man in a shop where it was. She followed his directions and ended up going for an audition that she did not expect.

She rejected the job once she knew that it was an audition for a position as a dance hostess in Japan. She walked back the same way she came, to thank the man in the shop for his help and after sharing the news of her disappointment with him, he said to her “You have a good voice for DJ-ing…you should try it.”

The man in the store gave her, her first major bread crumb. The store was actually a DJ school. And if you know her profession now, you’d know the rest was history.

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Another major episode happened and it shifted her reality drastically.

Fighting with a brother with continuous drug addiction, she got into a huge fist fight one night when he was caught stealing her money. That led her to being kicked out of her home.

Lost and homeless, Ez spent two days living in the Changi Airport Terminal 1 toilet. Desperate and alone, she called onto her father for help and soon moved into his house. At least, she was settled for awhile. Not long after that, the DJ school paved the way to the start of her career. She worked hard and got herself contracts to work overseas.

Getting into the DJ-ing entertainment industry, actually gave her the opportunity to see the World. From Taiwan to Korea, she spent a couple of years living in places like Vietnam, China and Cambodia. It was also during these travels that she discovered another bread crumb.

Who and what were your influences?

So in the years she spent in Taiwan, she came across this book called The Zen Way of Martial Arts by Taisen Deshimaru , a Japanese Soto Zen Buddhist Teacher who came from a lineage of an old Samurai clan.


It was the teachings of a Zen Master, revealing the secrets of the way of the Samurai that grabbed her attention. It taught how martial arts wasn’t at all a violent skill to acquire. In that it was the skill to defeat an aggressor, acting upon positive energies. Meditation was one of the major teachings too. That gave Ez a good perspective of how we view the World in terms of conflict, especially so the conflicts within ourselves.

Another eye opening book for her was Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz . A cosmetic surgeon who discovered how our minds could create systems that could change how one viewed themselves.


Lessons learned from these books made her understand in depth about the Spirit (Zen) and the Mind (psycho analysis).

One more book that strike a chord with her was The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


The most effective discipline that man should use, is the Law of Attraction. 

Byrne talks about how positive thinking can ignite a chain of events that will astronomically change the course of one’s Life. It is the one tool that anyone can use in the designing of one’s life. This was the Law of the Universe.

Who was the most significant teacher in your Life? 

Faseeh Fawaz

Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Teachings from his life and constant readings of the translation/transliteration of the Quran opened up her mind to a greater understanding of God’s reasons and Mankind’s purpose and prospects.

This resonated in her so much so that the very notion of loneliness and longing-ness seemed like it was ripped out of her Heart. She never felt alone ever again. She was content and filled with abundance. The desires of the World and the need for a human attachment no longer drained or burdened her. She was finally free.

She never felt that living life with a partner had anything to do with living a happy and abundant life. Therefore, she lives a single and content lifestyle all through these years with no regrets.

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Is there one major event that affected your way of thought about Life? 


She had loss her younger sister to deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the years she was living in Taiwan. Having had a premonition about a death in the family before her departure, she ignored the obvious messages. Even before she went overseas, her boss during that time had advised her not to go but she went anyway. Her last memory of her sister was when she climbed up the balcony of her sister’s bedroom at 3am and woke her before she packed her stuff to leave for Taiwan.

This was a loss that was too close to her heart as she was very close to her sister. She did not manage to see her sister in time as she was overseas. It was a loss that jolted her up to a more waking state. A state of realisation on how precious time was with the people you love. Where Death is certain but the knowledge of when that will be is a gamble we can not afford to place bets on.

Through this experience, she learned how valuable moments are. How we should always take care of family, sincerely and unconditionally with all our heart and soul.

“Life and family is precious.” – Ez Ramli

To sum up all her experiences, she describes Life as a constant journey to understanding how the Self can be of benefit for the better of Mankind.

In this journey of discovering the Self, one is able to comprehend in more detail the complexities of the mind and the better managing of one’s emotions.

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Being aware of your surroundings and the environment you put yourself in, can give you a clearer perspective of what you truly want or what truly makes you happy. Understanding this and bravely portraying your true self to the World, allows you to attract what you REALLY WANT to attract into your Life. Which in the end is a Life of Abundance.

To live this abundant Life she says you have to , ” Listen to your inner calling and live a life of purpose. Follow the breadcrumbs and always have Faith. “

She stands by her Faith in God, the great Belief in her capabilities, the constant thirst for beneficial Knowledge and finding Gratitude in all things that happen, be it good or bad.

These are her ingredients of living a life you can truly love.

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I hope this could help those who are constantly questioning themselves on how to live a fulfilling and abundant life.

It all begins with the simple act of trusting yourself and following your faith.

Live well and love always.

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