Diary : When wisdom calls, pick up the damn phone

Ok here’s a dear diary moment. I have a pet peeve that I can’t shake off.

I tried and tried cos even though it’s non of my business, it annoys the hell outta me. I looked over it on how it shouldn’t affect me but it does.

My pet peeve : I hate it when people say that there isn’t a problem with them when obviously there is. Dodgers.

Nope nothing major league about it. It is just people plainly not admitting to their mistakes or are too proud to realise that they have a problem.

Oh, I have no issue with them personally, the issue is when the people in their personal lives let them know that there is an issue about them and they just don’t see it as a problem. It sucks and it blows my mind on how reluctant they are to see this point of view.

In NLP ( neuro linguistic programming ), we can not help someone if they themselves don’t feel or see that there is a problem. No matter how bad it is, we aren’t able to coach you if the person doesn’t feel that they need to change or realise this about themselves. They have to introspect and get it themselves first before any actual change can happen.

So a classmate and I have been chatting, and for the longest time didn’t want to say it and then one day (due to a topic related to it) we said it out loud. My classmate started speaking about a person we both know in class. She pointed out the very obvious traits of this person. And I was ” oh my God! I feel the same way too. But I didn’t want to say anything about it cos I felt it was my own personal opinion and judgement.” But this was more than that. We didn’t have to use NLP to decipher this. Anyone in the right mind could see the obvious. We brought this up because as practitioners we must look deep into our past and present and build a relationship with ourselves. This person wasn’t doing that and it worried all of us. As this person we know, thought they were “perfect”. Why do we say this? The evidence is as follows. Read on.

So anyway, in the styles of communication everyone uses day to day, we tend to say things and not say certain things when in conversation. Did you know that even when we you don’t communicate ( meaning you being silent), that that is still communicating something about yourself to others.

So this person we know refuses to see and accept what their love partner was letting them know. And this person seemed so “put together” that they might think that it’s portraying someone strong and who has their life in check, when in fact me and my classmate could see right through them.

It was that obvious.

How did we decipher this? Simple. Just like how you listen out for things that people talk about and what they focus on. You can bypass the insta-filter of their personality and read what’s truly happening.

This person we know, loved to point out other people’s issues and made them feel bad about it and they loved to dodge tough questions about themselves ( that was actually a very simple social thing nothing serious or private but they just didn’t want to “expose” themselves).

This “person” couldn’t accept it when their love partner pointed out the obvious about themselves and they were finding every excuse there was to cover it up and make what they did or say justified. This person even did their best to get people to agree with how right they were when actually they were in fact wrong. Oh~ no one agreed with this person, by the way. And even when people pointed out the obvious, this person refused to see that they were wrong. And it was strange to all of us on the reason why.

Argh…. it’s such a drag cos this spiritual levelling up thing is non of our business and we can’t even help even if we wanted to ( you empaths out there know what I’m talking about). We CAN NOT interfere with Wisdom’s call. It will call and call but if the person on the other end doesn’t wanna pick up, there’s nothing anybody can do about it. Plain and simple.


eckhard hoehman

So frustrating haha…just sharing one of those days.

Hope you all give your friends, family and loved ones a chance and hear them out when they let you know about something they feel that you could do differently.

This is not just another way to “grow up” but this is a grand opportunity for you to glow up.

So listen out for wisdom’s call ok. All you got to do is pick up the damn phone.

Good day bambinos!


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