Dear Diary : This week has been quite a stressful plunge and here’s why

A few things has happened recently in Singapore and in my life. Let me just break it down for ya and then I’ll share my own personal horrors.

Here we go!

Madame Butterfly

via : Fleur

We had an “outbreak”. The whole butterfly thing at the KTVs and then the same girl worked at the Fishing port market too and infected amagajillion peoplesss , then it spread to all over the west and north side of Singapore, was one. So pretty much, we were heading for another lockdown restriction thing. Which I’m sure people were so anxious about.



A teen got murdered by a 16yr old student at River Valley High School with an axe, makes two. The case is still under investigation as to why this happened and how it escalated to such proportions. Like where did you get a freaking axe bro. And who sold it to you….


Anyway, jokes aside, this was actually very disturbing for all of us. Just as disturbing as when we found out about that other teen who wanted to kill people in the mosque a few months ago.

We are troubled by this because , this is something that just doesn’t happen in Singapore. We are that safe (complacently speaking) .

I mean, we have gang fights yes, many times back in the 90’s and early 2000’s , slashing due to fights also yes. Fights breaking out due to bobba tea line ups also yes. Mainly, we love to fight. That’s like our thing. Of course not entirely, I’m just saying it from a “things that we could commonly go to jail for” point of view. We’re really nice people, actually.

And it’s more common to die or get injured by death of a knife stab or a road accident in Singapore then someone zero-ing you out with an axe. For those of you who don’t know, in Singapore, you can either get this at an outdoor shop ( also not everyone is licensed for it so its rare) , an old school place that still has axes on display to “break the glass” or from equipment in the stores or sheds of many of our uniform groups. I haven’t seen any place that still displays that emergency box thing.

Ok so… next.

Covid Heightened Alert and Updated Measures

via : Haydn Golden

Then we had to go through another circuit breaker and go back a phase. Look at the Madame Butterfly above . Causing restaurants to not accept dine-ins anymore. So everyone was trying to go out as much as they can before today. Yes, we are like everyone else in the World, we love to hang out and spend money. First World issues.

Intruder In our Block

via : Mathieu Stern

Then… we got to know that we have an alleged intruder in our property premises, and then we (as a whole block of neighbours) found out that this strange lady that’s been loitering around random blocks and standing in front of people’s houses at odd hours , was actually a new tenant on the 12th floor.

She was found standing in front of our upstairs neighbour’s house with a pair of scissors and a bank book. Asking for our neighbour to let her into her house. This lady said she was scared and needed to come into her house, but our neighbour described it as it was said in a very weird way. Seemed almost creepy. So she couldn’t let this stranger in. Of course she can’t, haven’t you seen ” Knock Knock” or ” When a stranger calls” ?

Anyway, neighbour called the security, and they got her back to her apartment. This put everyone on a high alert. It was drama in our block group chat.

We can only speculate on what’s really going on. She could be in distress, experiencing some kind of trauma or have a mental illness, we don’t know yet. So before we jump the gun, always exercise caution and compassion. I pray the best for this stranger’s wellness. Hopefully we won’t have these disturbances anymore cos it’s freaking everyone out.

A friend’s Accident caused Temporary Amnesia

So yesterday, hubby called me and sounded distressed. He asked for me to meet him at the lobby and help him bring up the bicycles. I was like “Huh..? Bicycles..?”

So he went cycling with his buddy, not too far from our home. Being mountain bikers, they love trails.

via : Andhika Soreng

His friend tried to do a move up a slope and as he sped up the hill, he flew up and lunged over the handle bars, falling head first. His head slammed onto the dirt path , ploughing through the sand (yes, he was wearing a helmet). They ( hubs and another rider ) ran to him, to get him back up but they saw that his eyes rolled up to the back of his head and he was unconscious for 5 seconds or so.

Hubs revived him and asked if he’s ok.

He kept repeating the same questions over and over again, asking my husband, ” Where am I? What happened ? Am I dreaming?” . At this point, this friend of ours had been in a repeat mode every minute or so. And he said, he’s feeling oddly giddy. This was a sign of head trauma and they called for an ambulance.

Got to the A&E, went for scans and after some diagnosis, doctor said he has temporary amnesia due to shock. He couldn’t create any new memories right after the impact. His parents arrived and we left the hospital to go get dinner and our friend kept calling us asking the same questions. Cos he couldn’t remember that he had called us like 20 minutes ago.

A night in the hospital goes by and a day later, he calls us and thank God he was not repeating himself anymore. The shock and impact to his head really trapped him in this constant loop. And we were so worried. We’re glad that he’s ok now. We’ll go visit him in a couple of days time. He needs to rest.

So folks, whatever it is, every day, take a little time to reflect on a beautiful life and what’s right in front of you, having gratitude for being alive and also to take precautions and not be too complacent about what’s happening around you. Don’t take things for granted that it would never happen to you. Or even think that the World is an extremely safe place or an extremely dangerous place either. Just take precautions and practice situational awareness and you’ll be fine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my brief week’s highlights and hope you all stay safe and stay sane!

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Love ya!


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