Here’s 3 Journal Topics to Get You Started

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Hey you, it’s been a long time since you sat down and reflected on your thoughts and your day, right? Maybe today, the forces of the Universe has brought this article to you, as a reminder to take that time out.

Maybe if you’re not into writing, try singing how you feel (find that song) or drumming that beat or dancing with your heart or painting out your turmoil. However you choose to reflect, try anything to find the time to quiet the mind from external chatter and digital noise.

So let’s go back to the “pen pals” ( not the letter kind, though it’s a good idea) , for those of us who love to pen down our thoughts and write out pages and pages of brain dumping content.

Here’s some journaling topics to get you started.

1. Ask yourself reflection questions
Ask yourself (if your name is Tina for example),
How did Monday Tina do today? ”
Was she at her optimum ?
What happened and why did it go wrong ?
How can she improve next week?
What were the contributing factors to Monday’s success or failure? ”

I know it may sound funny talking to yourself in the third person but sometimes it helps taking yourself out of your internal mind and looking at it from the perspective of someone looking in.

You’ll be more forgiving to yourself for the mistakes that you made and you’ll be able to create a more receptive platform for intervention. You can be your best mentor if you want to.
2. Create a Developmental Tracker
You’ve fully invested into improving yourself in whatever way possible, right? Being better at your job, an “A” student, being a better spouse or friend and maybe you aimed to be an active contributing member of society at some point or just being able to make better decisions at life.
Whatever it maybe, that money and time you’ve put in, into self improvement needs to be tracked or at least appreciated and catalogued in a journal.

You may catalogue it into months. Write down in each monthly log what you learned in that month.

Be it educating yourself with a course or even learning valuable life lessons, it’s nice to read back and see how you’ve matured in time.
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3. Imagine the most ideal life and write out the story as if it is already happening
Ok I know this sounds and looks like LOA ( Law of Attraction) cos it is haha. Simple as that, this method of journaling in the present tense like as though it’s already happening is a perfect story set up by yours truly, YOU.
Be mindful though that you MUST be aware to have that faith that it is already the ultimate truth. Imagine that you’re writing this script for a perfect story line for the best movie about “You” that you’ve ever made on film. And you replay this scene or story over and over again in your mind.
Don’t forget to be very specific.

Being specific is the key factor to LOA.

The beauty of journaling is that you get to be exactly who you are. The authentic voice of the writer. Of course there are now apps that you could use, to actually journal your thoughts online, but don’t you feel the analog version is closer to home? Having something tangible is far more exclusive than the online version, though I do recommend that if you have nosy folks in your premises and are afraid that your mum or spouse is going to find out your deepest darkest secrets, then please use a digital version of it and lock it with a passcode so no one, not even after your death will be able to see it. Bring it to your grave haha.

If you’ve not tried journaling, wow, there’s a whole world in journaling. Google #journalspread, #bulletjournal or #braindumping. You’re welcome.
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