4 types of people who are thriving during this World crisis


The World is basically living out it’s prophetic timeline due to the turn of events and most of which, our basic human rights like food, resources, access to banks, availability of jobs and medical help is being upended for the ones that are not following in line.

Social media giants are also playing a part in keeping to this agenda as they block and ban people from releasing so called “fake news/info” ( though we all know that most of it is from reliable sources like medical professionals, scientists, chemist and bio engineers etc) to the public.

Jobs are getting scarce in most sectors and business is either on a plateau or decline. Especially food and beverage restaurants, some brick and mortar shops as well and they can see the real time effects of this which is quite demoralizing. The front line sector is also at its wits end on workload and human hours are strained as thinly as possible.

Well, people are tired and exhausted on this fight to live a “normal” life, if ever we go back to that at all, whatever normal may be.

So what’s the Upside?

I know those pains in your chest and the migraines you’ve been getting, well, I’m getting loads of anxiety everyday actually and it’s all due to these unnecessary changes that makes no sense ( well to me at least, some of it doesn’t make any sense ).
Now, we’re just trying to find ways to thrive in this new way of life. This my friends, is the time to evolve!!! Sounds deep sounds deep, I know but hear me out.
That’s the major Upside here. Let’s not allow this panoramic toyota corolla to affect a healthy mind and healthy body. We can ensure this by sticking together. Community 🙌🏼 !


Tribesh Kayastha
We are going back to the days where neighbors and friends are the closest thing to us besides our next of kin. I know we’ve become people of habit and privacy is definitely a more sacred thing now even for me. I value quiet alone time and I’d rather not be pushing myself to be “social” cos I don’t like crowds and not really looking to get a good samaritan badge here anyway.
However, we can build rapport and start relationships. That’s the first stepping stone. Food always brings people closer and the talk of food or growing of food will also start conversations. Remember also to keep your beliefs to yourselves unless you feel safe to share and know who you’re speaking to cos it might not sit well with others. It’s none of their business anyways if you sleep facing the east ( just saying ).
Once this foundation of support is being built, you know that you can count on the knowledge and resources of others too. Especially so, during this transition time of evolution. We are all transitioning, adjusting and evolving to whatever that we need to be. Whether it’s due to coping with stress of the new normal, being protective of our rights and way of life or going with the flow. Either way, choose a route you want to go and explore that path as a journey of adventure.
Cos whether you like it or not people, it’s going to happen. We just have to take our precautions, be aware of what’s going on, understand and research the truths and then take that info and map out a game plan for ourselves.

So who are thriving now ?

Well we all know the extremely rich are not affected by this trying times (that 1%). They’ve got a gazillion dollars stashed in the mountains of Mount Rushmore and well they have endless streams of income and wealth that will last for 7 generations or more if taken cared well.
Austin Distel
If you are at this level, well done, you’re set for life and you’re even the selected ones to go on planetary expeditions and most probably buy the first plot of land in Mars.
But the rich enough but not Eldorado rich are seeing a plummet in their lifestyle. Oh and it’s a hard hard fall for them, let me tell you cos they’re so used to such easy living, thinking that they could be how one might say, untouchable. Business is going down, workers are not happy, people are getting sick left right and centre and the demand to pull out all the guns are really raising those cortisol levels for both employers and employees.

The next group of Thrivers are the minimalists. WooHoo!! They’re a fun bunch. Living in a stress-free environment curated by them with ease and calm in mind. They don’t subscribe to anything unnecessary, they don’t consume as much as regular mall-goers or Netflix addicts like us and they keep it simple.
Tamara Malaniy
They make most of their daily essentials that they need like detergent, body soap, shampoo, they use recyclable and reusable products and they bake their own bread and eat enough to replenish and nourish themselves, nothing more. They don’t even shop for things that are so unnecessary or not sustainable at all, like one time use products or fast fashion. They are not big consumers of anything in particular. There’s balance and harmony in their lives.
Ruta Celma
Then again I’d like to state for the record that all this above doesn’t necessarily define the word “minimalist” cos there are different concepts of what that is and one of them is living with items you love and enjoy and curating a lifestyle that shapes itself from consuming lesser things that aren’t as essential.
A simple lifestyle means more room to figure out about major things like emotional and mental health and taking on anything that can sustain this livelihood. Live minimally to thrive exponentially .

Next up, permaculture communities or eco villages . They are one of the best communities to be in but quite a task to find especially if you’re living in cities. Living sustainably and going back to what nature / God provided us to start with, is one of the ways to get back to our roots. Nature has provided food, shelter and medicine and also helping us keep an excellent mental state of mind. It ticks everything off our life checklist.
Permaculture Visions ( Calla Bay )
Have you watched this famous Youtuber Li Ziqi ( liziqi ) ? She can make literally anything and everything. She makes clothes, paper, she cooks almost anything with her crops and wild herbs and the vegetables she forages. She makes dyes and ink, she builds furniture and even outdoor earth ovens. She’s a Youtuber to follow if you have land and a forest in your backyard.
Though she doesn’t really live in a secluded permaculture community, the region where she lives and the villages and cities she’s connected to allows her this freedom to thrive with nature whilst earning from her many craft skills. She always have the support of her village and even tourism in her area. Do go over and give her a subscribe.

Last but not least, Preppers! They are long time thrivers and most probably have been prepping for this “trying time” since before facebook was even an idea in young Mark’s head. Some have access to their own land and some are prepping in their apartments in the cities. They come in all types and belief systems.

So what are Preppers right ? If you haven’t watched the series called “Doomsday Preppers” on the NatGeo Channel back in the early to mid 2000’s, then most probably this word prepping would be foreign to you.
Caspian Dahlstrom
Preppers prep for a “Doomsday” event case-scenario, where lodging, food, medicine and safety would be compromised due to whatever political or economical reason the World may face in Doomsday case-scenarios . Especially if an illness breaks out like… ahem ahem ( what’s been happening).
Preppers have a wealth of knowledge about tech, politics, current news, fake news vs real info, sustainable living, self-defense, hunting, preserving, canning, bunking, foraging, engineering, carpentry, weapons, medicine, organisational systems and many other life skills and hacks.
Not all preppers have this skills set but most of them do. And to be a fully committed Prepper you’d have to keep current, you have to pay attention and act on real time movements that are trending with economy, world relations, technology and even climate change. You’d have to know ways to survive, thrive, protect and be always ready and ever ready for anything. But you do have Preppers who keep to themselves and do their best to know as minimal as possible about the outside World ( which is a bit scary if you are a recluse ).
Anyway, the reason why they thrive is simple.
They were the first people who foresaw everything and anything that we are currently facing right now. This state that the World is in, has already been predicted and studied by them at least a decade or more ago. Oh no, they’re not a bunch of yahoos who are obsessed about this, no.

They were the prepared ones and they are not afraid of not having access to food, medicine or even jobs. Cos they prepped for this very case-scenario.
So back in the day I’ve heard a lot of hearsay about how cuckoo they are and superly overcommitted they are but guess what? Those haters are eating up their own words today.
So there you have it, 4 types of people and communities that are thriving in the state that the World is in right now. So maybe we can take a few pointers from them.
Shall we recap?

To Thrive :

1. Find ways to earn multiple streams of income.
2. Manage your wealth accordingly and keep tabs on your financial health.
3. Subscribe and consume less and do your best to choose better when making purchases that you feel aren’t really necessary. Clear off, give away or throw possessions that are clutter.
4. Build a healthy supportive and loving Community.
5.Get Some skills about survival and self-defense, growing your own food and being more sustainable.
6. Subscribe to things that benefit you in some way or that you love. Even if it’s Netflix or the newspapers but you actually learn from the articles, documentaries and get some inspo from it then carry on subscribing haha. I still subscribe cos I’m a creative and I need ideas to be around me all the time. Anything else that doesn’t benefit you, click that unsub button to weed out digital clutter.

I hope you’ve got some idea on how to thrive in these tough days. We always need more and more people to get onboard on helping each other out and working together.
Oh by the way, here’s two good videos to watch about being “homeless” ( blows my mind cos he’s an actual moving shepard) and this one is on being sustainable as a family ( my dream has always been to live a simple life, so this is right up my ally). Just an interesting episode from a channel I subscribe to.
123homefree.org ( Aaron Fletcher )

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