Clean Slate

daniel schuldi

Welcome again one and all back to my weekly shares, rants and anecdotes. 2023 is here creeping in slowly into our system as we start our engines running again for a brand new year.

I guess I’d have to address the year long leave I took for the entire 2022. A sabbatical that was desperately needed while I get my sh*t together.

Oh yes, we moved , got new jobs and new plans. It’s been a bad turn of events for us as a family but man, the worst part is almost over and we’re grateful for it.

Am looking ahead and forward march! You know what, it’s been hard and a harsh year for us so let’s pray that we all have it good for this year and may the drama and scams dial themselves down.

So how bout you lot? Are you done clearing out the trash of 2022 ? Have you repented from cheating on your spouse ? Have you cut off ties with someone toxic? Stopped that bad habit ? Stopped lying to your parents and just come clean ? Did 2022 make you a better human being ? A better lover ? A better child or neighbor ?

Wonderful things can happen and will happen but YOU’VE got to make the first move to MAKE IT HAPPEN. So get up and just go do it already.

The best time to be alive in the World is right now.

Not in 2065 where the World could be almost in flood land status (sorry for the dark comedy). But that’s the sad and dark truth. We might need to already think of possible above water living situations for our future bumble bees. The planet is coping with all the stress we’ve been giving her throughout its whole existence.

So maybe this year, let’s do our best to be more aware than last year about our consumption in anything and everything.

So I pray you all well this year. Clean slate for all and may you make this year a good one for yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes just don’t repeat them, aite..?

What’s in store this year ? Well, at least for this channel, I’ll still be writing and do bear with me on some lateness at times. New job , new commitments and gosh am I exhausted. But I’d prefer this tiredness to my previous job, anytime.

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Enjoy the weekend, it’s almost here.

Later gators 🙂

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