Solutions Not Resolutions

How many times must we go through the year trying our best to get those resolutions done and yet we always get busy with life and never get them done. That’s still till this day, a hard nut to crack. And all you needed was someone who understand how serious your goal was so as to help you keep on your path and, a whole armor of self discipline and consistency.

You know what, it’s not your fault. Discipline and determination is a hard one to keep rolling. Even for the most disciplined of us.

jazmin quaynor

It’s like those who “try” to quit smoking. It takes a whole lot of determination, consistency and patience to be able to say no, I’m cutting it down. Most of them who successfully quit smoking, just woke up one day and said, “you know what… I think I’m actually done.” And then they’re rid of it and with much self control I might add. At least for most quitters I’ve spoken to said that.

Here’s the magic sentence that you’ve heard many times before but maybe just need a reminder to push you through this year with at least some direction.


Write it down somewhere, stick on your fridge or put it as wallpaper or screensaver. We all need that push, we all need some kind of a cheerleader or a voice of reason!

Let’s quit resolutions for good. That’s how it’s done in the old days. Now, we learn better ways to get things done. Work on one or two goals only. Or maybe write a word to focus one for the entire year.

For example:

Wellness. – Focus on getting your well being taken cared for. Eat good clean food, cut down sugar, walk daily for 20 mins. Self-care when you need it. Rest and relax. Read whatever you can whenever you can. Mental wellness is also a real thing and so so important in this time and age. The stresses of work and sometimes with no work life balance, it’s tough to keep balanced and sane. So chill chill mango.


Fitness – Get fit. Join a group with the same goals. Check in with a fitness buddy or instructor. Let other people join you on your journey. Buy a suit/dress and make sure that by the end of whatever time span, you’ll be able to fit in it. However you want to manage fitness for yourself, at your level. Remember don’t overdo it, just meet the goal and you can upgrade further as you keep leveling up. I believe in you!

Home – Build and renovate a dream home of yours. Picture what you want, pin the photos in a digital notebook,a journal or scrapbook, whatever method you choose. Save examples on Pinterest. Check prices on Amazon. Sell off stuff you don’t need first. Donate and throw if you need to make space. Go slow if it’s a huge deal. Like a big move or a big financial commitment. Pace yourself. Do a lot of homework. Day in day out, think and work on that. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s the same for a beautiful home. It takes time. Building is a beautiful journey. So build well.

Study – Get yourself a schedule that works. Use tools that can assist you with your goals. Learn by chapters per month or bi-weekly. Join Bujo groups or learn from study channels that introduce a lot of apps such as time-keepers, block time methods and more. Buy yourself a cool looking journal or notebook that you can just write good notes in them if that motivates you, get old school and paste photos of motivation or even personal things into the journals.

green chameleon

Practice good handwriting so that you’d like writing and reading your gorgeous notes. Buy a new iPad or Macbook or get a Kindle. Program your Alexa to set mood lights for studying and even get new Study Playlists. There’s so much to explore out there. Set that score card straight and understand why you’re aiming for the marks that you’re aiming for. Mix with people that have similar goals or are heading the same way as you. Stop hanging out with people who waste your time with things and activities that aren’t beneficial (but on that note, remember to have fun to destress when you really need it cos social rest with fun friends is good when you just wanna talk about something else or laugh it out).

Relationships – Let your partner, friend or family know that you love them. Create events. Make the first move to organize something. Get involved with their lives too, like attend their award ceremonies or recognitions or just a day of appreciation would do too. Just random. They would be touched by the gesture, get excited and will appreciate it so much.

Understand their Love language . Find out more about them. Get to know their friends, what are their likes and dislikes. Talk and chat about what’s been happening in their life and be sincerely interested to listen. Send them off to the airport, get a random gift. Organize a cool gathering, game night with family. Or even simpler, tell them you love them when it’s all quiet and peaceful. Love random stuff like that.

Let’s just capture the pre covid essence of lifestyle back again. Say hello to your neighbor, build relationships through communities. And mind you, I’m an introvert and I have had to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. A lot to learn there. A lot of love and support from this goal. So it’s a good thing, always. We are not island. Remember that

So I hope you’ve got a hold of some ideas on how we can get through this together. 2023 is going to be so different and the mood and pace will become super super fast by April. It’s just sinking in slowly right now.


Let’s sip it in!

Ok byeeeee!

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