Goal Setter or Go-Getter

Let’s recap to what was put out last week, on our mindset change to work on solutions instead of aimless resolutions. Did you do some reflection on that ? Today we get into the simple differences between a goal setter and a go-getter. Let’s go!

minh pham

Everyone has got their own method of making things happen and bless you that yours work brilliantly. I love watching those channels and reading blogs that share so much for our Community, we really need more people that contribute like that.

So let’s decipher. Pursuing goals and getting things actually done, is there even a difference? Isn’t it the same thing? Just different words.

To my understanding, a Goal setter would intentionally set goals for themselves, whether realistic or not. It could mean that they might actually have a plan that leads them to a play by play of how they’re going to attain that goal eventually. Timelines might be set, a schedule crafted out and an actual glimpse of what the end result should look like would be their mode of motivation. This works well for individuals who follow up with their solid plan. Those who have that strong discipline system in-built in them will win this race.

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It really is the opposite for the latter though. And though it may sound that we are “disorganized”, some of us just tire out when it comes to going through all that work of scheduling and planning. It’s not that we’re lazy. We’re just more in the moment types and the whole marathon endeavour is not really what you call a straightforward kinda win. It takes momentum, practice, patience and resilience.

It takes a toll on time and effort. We also get disappointed a lot when we don’t reach it. Sometimes sticking to a strict regimen is just not for everyone. Winging it can sometimes go good. Or should I say, most of the time go really really well. Cos it’s something unexpected but you know that no matter what, you’re not half-assing it and you’re going to keep going until the goal is accomplished by all means possible.

A Go-getter is a truly random act of feels, vibes and just winging it. You feel that it should get done and you go get it done like pronto. No limits, no particular direction, no motivations. Just plain and simple, ” I thought about it, I believe I could do it and I’m gonna go get it for myself. And I’m getting it no matter what anyone tells me.”

It’s like when you feel like getting ice cream. You don’t eat it every week, only on occasions but when you get that feel for caramel chocolate chip ice cream with sprinkles and nuts on top, you just go out and get it. You grab your keys, out the door, rain or shine and just head on down to the store because you know you can.

Maybe it’s the adrenaline of the act of getting it. Maybe it’s a thought so ridiculous that you dared yourself that you can’t get it and instead do the reverse psychology of actually getting it just to prove yourself right. Our mind is wonderfully wired weirdly (say that 3x as fast haha) and so are our motivations and inspirations.

One way is more structured and one is basing everything on random acts of “we see how this goes cos I know it’s possible”. So it could be what some might say, same same but different?

Both ways work for whatever type of person you are and both ways have their pros and cons. It’s just which method works for you. Some people build an IKEA Kallax through experience, some by manuals and some just try to figure it out all on their own and hope for the best.

tenor – claracastro

The Goal setter, sometimes set goals and not reach them and also sometimes set goals then celebrate after achieving them whilst the Go-getter has a more straightforward approach with a manual already burned in their minds and just act on it under autopilot or it could also go sideways by getting distracted by other new projects and exciting endeavours.
Whichever type you are, know which one you are so that when you do achieve something by this method, you’d know that this way works for you best no matter what those organizing success Guru says about it.

Tried and tested is best. So when something doesn’t work, change the method or change your ways so that you accomplish more of what you want and love instead of always getting things half way done.

Be well and enjoy the weekend folks!

Lator gators 🙂

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