7 Gifts You Never Thought about Till now

For whatever occasion you’ll ever dream of, birthdays, anniversaries, tokens of appreciation, just because or even for those special one of a kind events, you’d never thought to get, until today. You might just find something that would create that wow factor that no one can forget. Let’s simplify your gifting search, lessssggo!! Date DeckContinue reading “7 Gifts You Never Thought about Till now”

5 Simple Gestures that Show You Care

I remember last year, I was in a situation where I was in a queue in the bank and an emergency happened. I knew that if I lost that queue it would then cause me to incur late fee charges as this emergency would take the entire day and I couldn’t come by another dayContinue reading “5 Simple Gestures that Show You Care”

The Apps that Helped us During Covid

A walk down memory lane to a time three years ago ( how fast was that huh ). Boom! It’s been that long you guys… can you believe it? Wow, we’ve come a long way haven’t we. From major environmental mayhem to a quiet year long almost doomsday like episode of being held against ourContinue reading “The Apps that Helped us During Covid”

Goal Setter or Go-Getter

Let’s recap to what was put out last week, on our mindset change to work on solutions instead of aimless resolutions. Did you do some reflection on that ? Today we get into the simple differences between a goal setter and a go-getter. Let’s go! Everyone has got their own method of making things happenContinue reading “Goal Setter or Go-Getter”