How is your Life like a Car?

Ok I’m not going to pretend that I know anything much about cars except for hours and hours of Fast & Furious, Initial D and Top Gear (the Richard Hammond version of course). So I’m going to do my best to try and relate life through the eyes of a car “appreciator”. For quite anContinue reading “How is your Life like a Car?”

Here’s 3 Journal Topics to Get You Started

Hey you, it’s been a long time since you sat down and reflected on your thoughts and your day, right? Maybe today, the forces of the Universe has brought this article to you, as a reminder to take that time out. Maybe if you’re not into writing, try singing how you feel (find that song)Continue reading “Here’s 3 Journal Topics to Get You Started”

3 Strange and Disturbing Videos that are Oddly Satisfying (disclaimer : exercise viewer discretion)

Let me guess. You are one of those people who watch really disturbingly satisfying videos before you go to bed, right..? Well if you do, then you fall into this strange category of human beings who love to experience that “feel-good” hormone tingling all over their body, leaving your minds feeling relaxed and “complete” byContinue reading “3 Strange and Disturbing Videos that are Oddly Satisfying (disclaimer : exercise viewer discretion)”

Do you have a Magnetising Personality ? 10 clues that you are.

The World is made up of all types of people from all walks of life. I have met a spectrum of personalities in my years and still do from time to time. That’s what fascinates me. Humans fascinate me. They’re colourful, they’re adventurous, some are absurd even and some just hilarious. No matter what kindContinue reading “Do you have a Magnetising Personality ? 10 clues that you are.”

13 Whatsapp Etiquettes

Too many times people lack this knowledge and believe that their way is the only way to communicate. And some I’ve asked even told me that they would reply a message if they “feel” like replying. To avoid giving people the wrong impressions and also build a better way to communicate, we are sharing someContinue reading “13 Whatsapp Etiquettes”