5 Things You Should Catch Up with During Lockdown

I must admit, I enjoy all this time at home now. Though I miss my job, this new found appreciation for staying home and working from home has really got me a good one month’s well deserved rest from hours of standing at my regular job. Now despite being home, I too have realised howContinue reading “5 Things You Should Catch Up with During Lockdown”

My Mind's Eye : Being Human and Why I blog

I’ve indulged in my writing and committed to this blog about living a simple life, the last two years now. I write about how to organize your mind and your home and everything that your heart is troubled with. I write so that I may share my experiences, my lessons and practices. The trials andContinue reading “My Mind's Eye : Being Human and Why I blog”

The Ideal Sleep Scenario

To maintain good health, especially good mental health, sleep plays a very vital role. Good quality sleep is needed in order to have a well rounded healthy lifestyle. It is essential that we strive to achieve the best sleep possible for the better of our own lives. There are a few ingredients to building anContinue reading “The Ideal Sleep Scenario”

Taking Care of the Simple Home

Whether you’re a home owner, parent or the forever singleton, your home has to be the place of solace you return to and the cosy escape from a hard day’s work. Many of us, single or married, always neglect the home when things get a bit rough. We become lazy to keep it clean andContinue reading “Taking Care of the Simple Home”