Be a Happiness Agent!

So I saw a local film ( my brother’s part of the production team too might I add ) in December last year and I loved it so much. It’s an artsy film but if you love it , you love it. It’s surreal and built around a utopian concept of being a part ofContinue reading “Be a Happiness Agent!”

10 Ways Social Media Can be Harmful

Let’s put out the facts here first that just like the gun, in the wrong hands with the wrong motives, the gun would be a deadly weapon. We’re more than grateful that most countries today make it absolutely difficult or almost impossible to get a license to own one. Having said that, just like theContinue reading “10 Ways Social Media Can be Harmful”

How to Live with Yourself: Dealing with Regret and Self Love

The best person you could be for someone is being the best version of yourself for You first. It’s Me, Myself and I from the moment you were born to the second you breathe your last breath. Your favorite person to spend time with should be You and must be You cos you’re stuck withContinue reading “How to Live with Yourself: Dealing with Regret and Self Love”

A Simpler Lifestyle Begins with You

It all starts from ground zero. You. Your beliefs, principles and habits will allow you to either simplify your life or complicate it. Now, tailored to your own way of life, whether you’re a jet setter, the leader of a large family, a soloist, a city slicker or someone who lives way out there inContinue reading “A Simpler Lifestyle Begins with You”

8 Valuable Things to Keep in Mind in Life

1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it. Your gut feeling is letting you know everything that could potentially be the disaster decision of your life. Trust your instincts. There’s a very minute chance that your gut feeling is wrong about something. Maybe 1% or even less than that. So how about the 99% ofContinue reading “8 Valuable Things to Keep in Mind in Life”