3 Strange and Disturbing Videos that are Oddly Satisfying (disclaimer : exercise viewer discretion)

Let me guess. You are one of those people who watch really disturbingly satisfying videos before you go to bed, right..? Well if you do, then you fall into this strange category of human beings who love to experience that “feel-good” hormone tingling all over their body, leaving your minds feeling relaxed and “complete” byContinue reading “3 Strange and Disturbing Videos that are Oddly Satisfying (disclaimer : exercise viewer discretion)”

10 Ways Social Media Can be Harmful

Let’s put out the facts here first that just like the gun, in the wrong hands with the wrong motives, the gun would be a deadly weapon. We’re more than grateful that most countries today make it absolutely difficult or almost impossible to get a license to own one. Having said that, just like theContinue reading “10 Ways Social Media Can be Harmful”

Next Level Relaxation Methods that Might Surprise You

It won’t come as a surprise to you that a lot of relaxation exercises and guides come from channels and platforms like Youtube, Facebook Groups and online therapy sessions on apps like Doctoranywhere.com or Calm. But in today’s article I’m not just sharing guided tours on Youtube or apps, I’m also letting you in onContinue reading “Next Level Relaxation Methods that Might Surprise You”

10 Things That You Can Do to De-Stress

Whooo HooO, my favorite thing! Come on… don’t you look forward to de-stressing after a long week? I sure do, and these activities not only destress me but it rejuvenates me too. Managing stress is something we all need to deal with in the current times. Mr Julian Mengual, the regional chief officer of aContinue reading “10 Things That You Can Do to De-Stress”