Countdown: The 10 Things To Do To Prepare For The New Year

We’ve got a few more weeks to go before 2019 meets us all. Are we ready to embark into new adventures? Have we completed the goals we set out for in 2018? Well, it’s count down time and you’re almost there. Here’s the Simplelife’s Countdown To 2019 : 10. Goals Check ! Complete all unfinishedContinue reading “Countdown: The 10 Things To Do To Prepare For The New Year”

The 3 Types Of Love

So hey, it’s a tough topic to pick on but the year is almost up and new doors are opening for us in 2019. Let’s roll up our sleeves. It’s time you start knowing what types of Loves there are, in order to better understand yourself. 1. The – I’ll tolerate you enough to surviveContinue reading “The 3 Types Of Love”

How to Overcome 3 Adulting Fears

Responsibilities. Whoa. That’s a big word and I still feel like I’m just making it through High school (even though it was a gazillion years ago for me). Haha. Growing up sure has its pros and cons, right ? As we age, we are forced to face the most daunting task of growing up. Adulting.Continue reading “How to Overcome 3 Adulting Fears”

A Simple Life In The City

What is a simple life ? Some might paint a serene peaceful outskirt village with little or no electricity. Growing our own food in the garden, tending to our farm. Maybe we’d be fishing or scavenging for herbs and wild mushrooms in the nearby forest. Whatever you picture in your mind is most probably theContinue reading “A Simple Life In The City”