What’s up folks? How’s it hanging?

You know how life just takes over and the next thing you know you’re a million Jeremy Bearimys into the future (The Good Place reference) and guess what ? It’ll be 2022 in a flash. Oh gosh, I have had to stop updating this for a month plus or so and I feel like I’veContinue reading “What’s up folks? How’s it hanging?”

5 Movies that will Boost your Mood

Let me put a disclaimer first that there might be some spoilers in this post. Exposing some life lessons or end messages of each film. If you’re addicted to films and get motivated and inspired easily through watching them, then these next movies will add on to your go-to mood boost checklist. Watch out !Continue reading “5 Movies that will Boost your Mood”

Case of the Ex : My boyfriend was someone else’s fiancé and I didn’t know

This story was supposed to be a romantic one. However, it has been realised that it was all an insidious lie that shook… my… World. There’s just too many things that’s been said and done that to butter you up for what will end as a nightmare, just isn’t kind. I know I know, I’mContinue reading “Case of the Ex : My boyfriend was someone else’s fiancé and I didn’t know”