Things not to do when traveling

So I’ve finished binge watching Emily in Paris and I must say I enjoy the conversation about the cross cultural differences between Parisians and Chi town’s marketing executive Emily Coopers. It’s cute, sometimes stressful but most times sarcastically funny. And it’s all about a foreigner trying to fit in sexy intelligent Paris. The series isContinue reading “Things not to do when traveling”

5 Movies that will Boost your Mood

Let me put a disclaimer first that there might be some spoilers in this post. Exposing some life lessons or end messages of each film. If you’re addicted to films and get motivated and inspired easily through watching them, then these next movies will add on to your go-to mood boost checklist. Watch out !Continue reading “5 Movies that will Boost your Mood”

“Slay it Like a Boss” : Two Organizational Systems Entrepreneurs Use

With the never ending stream of conscious things that our brain is subjected to, no wonder we feel overwhelmed and mentally exhausted by the end of the day. While some of us prefer to go with the flow and live our life without a craving for purpose and productivity, the rest of us value ourContinue reading ““Slay it Like a Boss” : Two Organizational Systems Entrepreneurs Use”