7 Gifts You Never Thought about Till now

For whatever occasion you’ll ever dream of, birthdays, anniversaries, tokens of appreciation, just because or even for those special one of a kind events, you’d never thought to get, until today. You might just find something that would create that wow factor that no one can forget.

Let’s simplify your gifting search, lessssggo!!

Date Deck

Creator and CEO of BestSelf Co, Carthryn Lavery decided that there should be more meaningful conversations and connections in the World, focused on productivity and self improvement tools that everyone could use. Out of a Self Journal, other productivity tools were born and so was the Date deck.

Date deck is a way that couples could create a fun and interactive date night together or even go on a first date with the right foot forward with some cool table talk. Winner of Shopify’s Build a Business competition in 2016, this Northern Ireland native definitely has more to give than just keeping you on track on your awesome life path. Get it on Amazon or on BestSelf.co.

Also do check out Date Night Ideas , a fun, exciting and romantic scratch-off date ideas box that is a blast to share with your special someone.

Personalized Pushpin World Map

If you’re a globe trekking duo, this is for you. You might like something very intimate and personalized by artist Wendy Gold, who uses collages of memories on vintage maps. With your names and anniversary dates ready to be printed on the shared map, you’d see where you travelled to and get to reminisce it year to year.


Sweet and simple, just like a dimple. For couples and besties or just awesome families who adventure together.

“My Life Story” detailed Journal

A gift that I would personally get for myself, this gift brings you through your Life map from birth to the ends of a life story as far as your life would extend. It’s a really deeply intimate journal and when read back, can bring in those happy tears again and again.


Flipping through the contents, Guadalupe Christoffersen has developed a perfect journaling prompt book to give to anyone who you feel has led a really brilliantly colorful and beautiful life with all their ups and downs.

Someone who have things to share with the World. Maybe they’ll have wisdom to be left behind or a very valuable lesson learned that family and friends can read back on. You literally grow old with this journal. It’s super personal and character building in every sense of the word.

“My Life Story -so far-” makes you realize where you came from, who you are, who you’ve become today, what events moulded you, what changed your life and who your family are too. It also has reflections of what important events occured that year you were born. Significant happenings and memories documented for future family members to read and keep track of for your family tree.

Petsies Personal Pet Type Gifts

If you are an Instagrammer or Youtube viewer, you definitely have bumped into their ads online while scrolling those 10s videos. Creating plushies for your past pets or even a cool look alike stuffed doll for your current ones is going to be easy peasy.

In all types of designs and forms, from blankets to stuffed toys to pyjamas and bobble heads. It’s a cool keepsake to have or just something fun to own. Petsies are the go-to platform for making that special someone a keepsake they’ll always cherish. Upload a picture of the pet and let the magic be created.

Our First Home Bespoke Illustrated Portrait

Young Etsy artist, Abi Howie (AbiHowieDesigns) , is a 21 yr old coffee and camera loving photography graduate who loves to design bespoke illustrations. Whether it’s a portrait of your wedding venue, a memory you’d like to get painted or a framed handwritten illustration of a ” First Home”, she knows how to ink your best life events onto paper.

A really bespoke house warming gift for great friends or even a memory for your folks to reminisce their old house with. Beautiful hand drawn, hand painted illustrations that would be something that every home should own.

These moments are fleeting so portrait it with Abi.

Personalised Embroidered Hoodie

Mystichot.com just popped up on my IG feed ( thanks digital marketing pandas but I thought I turned that engine off ), and so I decided to check it out.

This personalised embroidered kinda stuff reminds me of when I used to visit Korea a lot and we used to buy these travel luggage tags that had our names on it ( flight crews and travel bugs know this), the one at Itaewon.

The original guy passed away I heard so there’s the current one who’s also an O.G of the area too. Well anyway, I saw this online and thought that this might make for a good custom simple thing to order for an upcoming love event or graduation.

Customise a Song with your Backstory

Youtube has a playlist of cool song reveals by Songfinch users and man… are they heart wrenching. An archive of music genres to choose from, this collection of astronomically talented artists are ready for your booking to compose the perfect song for you and your loved one.

Songfinch is an epic totally one of a kind gift that is the gift of all gifts, the gift of Music. A personalised crafted score and lyrics with your input and backstory and even your song style choice. I don’t know anything more personal and unique as this. From pop to acoustic, RNB to comic style, you have tons to choose from. Endless styles.

If you’re looking for the perfect song for your wedding walk-in, your ten-year anniversary memoir, a composition to remember a past family member or to show utmost appreciation to the one you love through a beautiful or funny rendition of their life with you, get on this website and start crafting that song. I absolutely love their selections. You can even get a place on Spotify for it, get the lyrics in digital format and more. My favorite artist is Frankie Orella cos she’s just too amazing.

Well there you have it, 7 takeaways of current finds the internet and my own personal experience have got to spew. Afterall, I am an avid treasure hunter for unique finds and special gems to show I care.

Got any cool ideas? Let me know too.

Later 🙂

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