Ways to say I Love You

Let me just put this one out there to begin with that the best way to express this is still saying the words that flow out of your own mouth.

But I do know that we all say I Love You in different ways and appreciate the showing of love in different ways as well. And not all people buy in to the words mean more kinda thing. Some of us love actions more than just plain old words.

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The thought of this comes to the level of, you being so jaded with the whole concept of saying I Love You because you’ve experienced enough to understand that not all ” I Love You’s” mean the same or even come with a genuine intention. So you gave up expressing in total, which is sad cos love is such a beautiful thing to talk about and share with others. Well, unless it’s toxic and hurting and choking then don’t ever waste anymore energy on it. Move on.

Negativity aside, we’re here to talk about the very minimal ways that you could say “I Love You” without the fear of going overboard, over expressing or saying it too soon.

Let’s roll into it.

Cooking for someone

Oh wait, can you cook?


You know what, if you can’t and you actually make the effort to, then that’s a diamond of an attitude right there.

Your partner will know how difficult it was for you to prepare something simple and to go through all that trouble to make the perfect pancakes, wow, you know that’s an amazing thing right ? So pat yourself on the back cos cooking for someone shows that cutie pewtie sweetie kinda love and it’s precious, trust me.

Massage me to Happiness


This is not for those people who hate to be touched or who do not enjoy massages (weird) . Skip this.

But for those of us who do and are able to, massaging your partner is a very intimate thing that may lead to other things too, ahem. So do be careful and respectful. Get to know them a bit more first to understand their quirks and dislikes. Cos not everyone likes this.

If you’re going to level it up with a spouse than learn the many ways of sensual massaging paired with pillow talk. It’s such a cool and simple way to say how much you love someone, by pampering them. I don’t have a link so look it up somewhere, aite.

Record and Document

You know the most simplest thing you could do is in the palm of your hands, literally.

When you take photographs or record the ones you love, that act itself really shows how much you treasure moments with them and making memories with them is something you cherish and value. That’s saying a very special kind of “I Love You”.

And when you edit them dearly, frame it, post it and share it with the World, this makes it quite eternal because now this declaration of your love for them is made official for the entire Universe to witness. Sometimes proclamations like this can bring more ease and security to someone who needs it or have never gotten any type of certainty from you in any way.

It’s nice to be remembered and swooned over, right?

Self Development Sacrifice

Let me first put a disclaimer that you must first do it for the betterment of yourself first before you even think of others. Because you can not and do not have the right to take it back and blame it on another person for making a sacrifice that you decided on. So you do it for YOU first and foremost.

Never do it for someone unless you feel that loving yourself and improving yourself is a form of loving and taking care of your partner’s wellbeing too. There I said it.

But what am I really talking about ? Sacrificial love? Huh ?

If you’re an alcoholic, a smoker , a serial cheater, an obsessive gambler, an abuser of sorts and etc, and being a better human being-version of yourself will enhance not only your life but the life of others, then do it.

If your partner, friend or family member have been pushing and rooting for you to get a driver’s license, declutter that hoarders apartment you live in, or you getting toned and trained cos your eating and sleeping habits are crap, then that is something worthwhile. That’s Love.

And the beauty of it is that it not only says “I Love You” to your loved one but the best one is saying to your own Mind, Body and Spirit that You Love You. And that’s the most awesome thing you could do for yourself and others too.

Doing Something Out of the Norm

You don’t have to spend tons of money on this. All you gotta do is, once in awhile do something that you’re not commonly known to do.

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1. Dancing with your partner at random times of the day. Or performing for your parents to make them laugh or smile.

2. Reading something to them that you feel is a good share, something heartfelt and heavy in content.

3. Looking them deep in the eyes whilst listening to them speak about something very close to their heart. And giving them that loving look of attentive listening.

4. Wash the laundry or do chores that you’re not known to be doing. That’s a major surprise if you’ve always been the lazy one in the relationship/family.

5. Stop them mid-chore and play the guitar or piano ( or any other instrument) and sing to them.

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6. Ask them to get ready spontaneously and bring them somewhere they’ve never been to to share the experience of the place with them.

It’s sad that most of us have stopped expressing due to our impossible work schedules and routines. I mean life gets in the way sometimes, right.

It just takes a moment to pause and be aware that hey, I could do this right now actually. Sometimes when we wait and wait to show someone that we love them, it might be just too little too late and we never want to come to that point.

So start saying I Love You and please show them too. Show someone that this is the Love you have for them.

On that note, do check out the book by Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages and you’ll get the hang of it. You’ll understand why.

Peace and Love Bubbas 🙂

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