3 Strange and Disturbing Videos that are Oddly Satisfying (disclaimer : exercise viewer discretion)

Let me guess. You are one of those people who watch really disturbingly satisfying videos before you go to bed, right..?

Well if you do, then you fall into this strange category of human beings who love to experience that “feel-good” hormone tingling all over their body, leaving your minds feeling relaxed and “complete” by watching oddly disturbing but satisfying videos .

There’s even a great following so don’t feel afraid to admit it. I’m talking about acne popping, plaque cleaning, filth disposing and other amazing odd videos that make you feel satisfied and relaxed. The links are hidden in the article so viewer discretion is advised as it’s not for everybody. Do not click on it if you feel that you can’t take the content. Also, I did not link a content that is too extreme just so if you can’t stomach it.

via Deadline

The Pop and De-Clogger

The World welcomed Dr Sandra Lee a.k.a. Dr Pimple Popper in 2017. She ignited viral videos on Youtube and Facebook of the most satisfyingly disgusting acne popping, blackhead removing, pus extracting videos on earth. Her videos paved the way for more people in other genres of the same niche to begin their series of oddly satisfying videos online. She even got her own reality tv-show on TLC.

In her videos, Dr Lee records the extraction procedure of many different types of acnes, blackheads (insertions and cut scenes in this clip) and cysts available. And her willing patients, readily give permission for these procedures to be filmed. I mean honestly, there are many of us, even myself who love to watch her extract the heck out of that zit (but definitely not before a meal) . Maybe it’s the dopamine effect of it all that’s making it all so bearable to watch. It is in fact, the “feel-good” hormone after all, right. We feel great that now that that patient’s body is rid of all those dirt, grime and clogged up pores. I think it has the same effect of a before and after cleaning session of a grimey bathroom

Teeth Be Told

via Rudi Fargo

Dentist, Dr Tri Putra from Jakarta, Indonesia have opened up our eyes to the horridly disgusting but fulfilling World of removing plaque and build up. Cleaning up smiles and giving a new lease of life to people who has always been shy to show those grills due to an ” imperfect smile “.

In his videos, he films the cleaning procedures of removing years of tartar buildup, fixing up rotten teeth and even extracting a rotting tooth. His videos are even more disturbing than the pimple ones in my opinion because you tend to imagine the putrid smell that comes along with a mouth that’s filled with solidified calcified deposits. So please watch at your own discretion, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here.

The Grime Fighter’s !

All over the World, we are surrounded by two sets of people when it comes to cleanliness and messiness. The hoarders (which can be associated with a mental illness, trauma or grief )/ lazy people (people who have cleaning issues in general ) and the extreme/OCD type cleaners who are the total opposite .

Both types of people are actually around us but if we don’t “know them know them”, we won’t actually know they exist right under our noses.

via Jeshoots.com

The UK series “Filth” is a reality tv-show that shows the many types of OCD people helping out those who are the total opposite when it comes to cleaning. You should watch this episode where Adam, a young chap who is absolutely taken aback when Helen, his charge, uses her carpet as a kitty litter. And the natural bodily reaction of Denise who’s helping Frank clean his home and bathroom after ten years of not cleaning it is an interesting treat to watch. HAHA .. I know I know..

It may not be as disgusting as the subjects above but if you pay close attention to what they’re challenged with cleaning up, you might open up a plastic bag to barf in. But I doubt it though. Cos it’s all actually not too bad.

But if you go straight to their channel, umm.. you’re responsible for what your eyes are subject to.

At the end of the day, the down-to-the-grime thorough clean up not only brings a breath of fresh air into your lungs but leaves the audience that immense feeling of “Aaahhh…”. You know how that feels right. Relief.

You know that feeling you get when you see someone’s pimple all ripe and ready and you just want to jump on it and POP it real good…? HAHA … it’s the same feeling you experience when you see a bubble wrap that you need to pop or when you have a bruise and want to massage at it till the hump of the bruise is gone, even though it’s painful. It hurts so good.

These days you get a wider weird selection of disgusting videos to watch that are cringing yet leaving you with the feeling of comfort and completion. I know it’s weird. But it works.

As a bonus just for you, cos you’ve read till this far, I’m going to add in some other content that you might like that is not weird or disgusting.

Just good old plain awesomely satisfying videos that normal people watch (insert weird smirk emoji).

Here’s a grave cleaner named Alicia who’s a famous TikToker with a rich following of 2.4M followers under the name @ladytaphos. She even has interesting backstories for each grave stone she cleans. Watching her execute such a noble task at her best is truly satisfying.

via Now This and @ladytaphos

Next up is the Youtube channel M.A.D Detailing 2 that has really satisfying ASMR versions of thorough car cleaning. And I mean THOROUGH ..okay. This carpet cleaning video is just a short clip of their epic cleaning methods.

via M.A.D Detailing 2

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a very relaxing swimming clip, yes! Swimming…

But who’s doing the swimming in the deep blue sea? Instagram swim star Mermaidsirenity ! If you’ve always wanted to be a mermaid, this is the account to follow. Enjoy !

via Mermaidsirenity on Instagram

I’ll do another full write up on relaxing videos to ease your lunch breaks.

Let me know what oddly satisfying videos you’re in to?

Waxing? Polishing ? Washing mud off a car? Ear wax extracting ? HAHA the list goes on.

If you’d like to personally follow me on my personal Instagram account here it is. Let me know in the comments on what you’d love for me to share and within my knowledge and capability, I will do my best to submit your request.

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  1. kayherman says:

    A fresh different approach of your blog.
    Kudos & keep it up, Leoni!

    Tbh as for what oddly satisfying videos I’m in to, are of another level, so I’d rather and better not share it publicly. lol

    But I’d say it’s nothin too freaky-eekie.
    So don’t judge me. smirk 😏


    1. Hahaha you must tell us what it is secretly then MUAHAHA

      Glad you enjoyed the short read ! Motivates me to do more !! Made my week 🙂


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